Buy an upright piano

Our range of upright pianos consists of the following brands: Steinway & Sons, Boston, Essex, Sauter, Kawai and Yamaha. Steinway & Sons offers three complementary brands with Steinway, Boston and Essex: Steinway stands for top-class, Boston represents the middle class and Essex offers the best quality choice in the basic class.

Our own brand Doutreligne offers the best price / quality ratio: pianos with an European sound, at a very interesting price. The Sauter piano has a warm, harmonic sound, unique to German pianos, and Kawai and Yamaha also provide excellent basic instruments for starting the piano study.


Steinway & Sons upright pianos :

  • K-132
  • V-125

Boston upright pianos:

  • UP-126 PE
  • UP-132 PE

Essex upright pianos:

  • EUP-116
  • EUP-123

Doutreligne upright pianos:

  • Classique 123
  • Classique 123 Silence
  • Concerto 133

Sauter upright pianos:

  • Carus
  • Cosmo
  • Vista
  • Competence

Kawai upright pianos:

  • K-series: K15E, K2, K3, K5, K6AS, K8AS

Yamaha upright pianos:

  • B-series: B1, B2 en B3
  • P-series: P116 en P121
  • U-series: U1
  • YUS-series: YUS1, YUS3 en YUS5