Self-playing piano

A "player" system allows an acoustic piano to play on its own, complete with moving keys. This can be seen as the modern and evolved version of the piano with rolls from the early 20th century. Optionally, the system also allows you to record the piano performance and have it played afterwards. The piano can also be synchronized with iPad, iPhone, Smartphone or laptop. This perfect mix of tradition and innovation ensures a total multimedia experience!

A piano equipped with this system can be fully utilized: it can be played by the pianist like any piano, but when the pianist is away for a while or on leave, the pianomation system provides live piano music. The playing piano always creates the right atmosphere in restaurants, hotel bars and receptions, but also at home. Via your iPad, iPhone, Smartphone or laptop you can consult a complete music library in all genres (classical, jazz, dinner music ...), played by famous pianists.

At Piano's Maene you can find all available player systems on the market. We build both QRS and Piano Disc systems into most acoustic upright and grand pianos, but also have the Yamaha Disklavier (with the latest generation "Enspire") and the icing on the cake is the Steinway Spirio.