Chris Maene Straight Strung

The Chris Maene Grand Piano is the first to bring back the straight-strung concept to the 21st century. It combines clear sound, transparent bass and richly colored registers, so typical for straight-strung instruments, with the action, stability and power of contemporary piano-playing.

The straight-strung grand piano differs in many more ways from the contemporary piano than just the altered stringconcept. It fills out the missing link between the historical aspects of piano playing and building, and the nowadays needs for pianists and concert halls. Since strings, bridges and soundboard all work together to create the sound quality of the instrument, all of these aspects have been revisited and optimized through scientific research and Computer Aided Design. In the Chris Maene straight-strung pianos, the grain of the soundboard wood is directed parallel to the strings, instead of to the bridges. Since the vibrations move more quickly in the length of the grain rather than in the width, this technique is resulting in a beautiful and transparent sound, enhancing the characteristics of every register.

Different sizes: Concert Grand, Chamber Music Grand, Parlor Grand.

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