Roland digital piano

Roland has been a leader in the research and development of digital pianos for more than three decades. This relentless determination to continue to innovate has led to a number of legendary milestones: think of the Roland EP30, the Roland RD1000, the widely acclaimed Roland HP series and of course the unrivaled Roland V piano. Below are some milestones from Roland's history that have had an impact on the current technical level of digital pianos.

1973 - Roland SH-1000: the first fully-fledged Roland synthesizer with keyboard.

1978 - Roland Jupiter-4: Roland's first polyphonic (polyphonic) synthesizer.

1980 - Roland VK-1: Roland's first attempt to imitate the Hammond B3 organ.

1981 - Roland Jupiter-8: this 8-voice synthesizer put Roland on the map of specialists in analog synthesizer construction.

1983 - Roland JX-3P: first Roland synthesizer with MIDI interface.

1986 - Roland RD-1000: Roland's first digital piano with Roland SA synthesis technology. Elton John uses this instrument until 1994! With this instrument, Roland sets the standard in the world of the digital piano.

1990 - Roland HP-3700: the exquisite Roland digital piano for use in a living room environment. The HP series would become one of the most popular digital piano families.

2001 - Roland RD-700: Roland's first stage piano that can be expanded with other sound modules via expansion boards.

2009 - Roland V-Piano: digital piano that uses "virtual modeling" technology.

2010 - Roland RD700-NX: digital Stage Piano with SuperNATURAL sounds.

2011 - Roland V-piano Grand: digital grand piano with "virtual modeling" technology.

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