Maene Digital Academy

The Maene Digital Academy is a free training course for all customers who have purchased a digital piano at Pianos Maene. These courses are organised in small groups at regular intervals, both in Dutch and French.

Purpose of this training is to get you better acquainted with the plethora of possibilities of your digital piano. Given the functional differences between brands and models, Academy courses are organised per branch and per product series. The course takes between 2,5 to 3 hours and covers the key subjects of your piano, such as:

  • All basic functionality
  • Recording & Playback
  • Timbres
  • Piano adjustments
  • Midi options
  • USB and USB-to-host

With the more advanced instruments (such as the Yamaha CVP series) there is also extensive focus on style accompaniments, sound design, midi recording, … 

A Digital Academy training is organised for:

  • Roland FP/HP/LX/RG series
  • Yamaha CLP series
  • Yamaha CVP series
  • Kawai CN/CA series
  • Nord Piano/Nord Stage 2

The Dutch course is always held at our piano centre in Ruiselede. Our office in Brussels also organizes French classes. Below you will find an overview of the training sessions that are scheduled in the near future.

The next sessions will soon be announced here.