Acoustic pianos

The piano market has an excessive amount of different brands and models. A lot of piano builders focus on building their pianos acording to marketable standards, which often causes them to lose sight of the artisanal quality principles that need to be maintained to guarantee that the piano is of superior quality.

To ensure that you invest in the right piano, it becomes increasingly important to rely on the advice of a piano house that can distinguish the qualitative pianos from the mediocre ones. Pianos Maene prides itself on a unique mix of tradition and quality that we have upheld since 1938.

We chose to sell six complementary acoustic piano brands based on our extensive expertise. These exclusive brands are Steinway, Boston, Essex and Doutreligne and the Japanese brands Kawai and Yamaha. All of these pianos excel in musical and pedagogic features, and have an excellent price/quality ratio and European sound.

All the best brands in one place

This is not just our slogan. Our brands are one of our key characteristics.

Pianos Maene is the exclusive importer of Steinway & Sons pianos and grands for Belgium. Additionally, we also sell the high quality brands Boston and Essex. Our brand Doutreligne is the right choice for any pianist looking for the best price/quality ratio. Furthermore, we have been a dealer of Kawai and Yamaha pianos for many years. In fact, we are one of the largest dealers in Europe for both of these brands.

Steinway & Sons

Steinway & Sons has been the pinnacle of word-class pianos since 1853. Each instrument has the following key characteristics: made by traditional craftsmanship at the highest level, with accurate eye for detail and with the best materials in New York and Hamburg.
Did you know that a Steinway grand piano exists out of 12,000 independent components and that manufacturing a hand-made Steinway can take over a year? Over 1,400 concerto pianists worldwide opt for a Steinway. Yet, for the amateur pianist, buying a Steinway is also a dream come true.

Piano’s Maene is the exclusive retailer for Steinway & Sons’ instruments in Belgium. At our renowned workplace, instruments are repaired with original Steinway components. Hence, you will find an interesting catalogue of second-hand Steinway instruments in our selection. The Chris Maene workshop is the only workshop in the world that obtained permission to build a replica of the very first Steinway Grand Piano from 1836.

On our separate website you will find more information on the replica, Steinways history and collaboration with Piano's Maene.


After extensive market research, Steinway & Sons discovered that the mid-price range lacked a piano concept that could revolutionize the available musical opportunities within this category.

The Boston piano was the perfect solution to bridge this gap. Boston is part of the family of Steinway designed pianos and launched in 1992. Its revolutionairy musical characteristics are achieved by the design of a stable concept with unique manufacturing properties that closely resemble the Steinway product. Some of thos features are the double sound box made from high-quality wood, the wide tail design of the grand piano, the diaphragm soundboard, the vertically laminated bridge, the ‘Octagrip’ pinblock and a nicely balanced hammerhead.

These features in combination with its flawless mechanism, make the Boston piano an extremely interestinge keyboard instrument in the mid-price segment. The piano is loved by all pianists, no matter if they play classical, jazz or pop music. “Steinway Promise Certificate”: when you invest in a Boston piano, we reimburse 100% of the net price when you upgrade to a Steinway & Sons piano within the first 10 years after your Boston purchase.

So, is Boston an interesting investment? Definitely! Boston, designed by Steinway & Sons, has 3 upright and 5 grand piano models on the market.


Similarly to the Boston concept, Steinway acknowledged that there was a concept missing in the base price range of the piano market that had a significant focus on the sound quality. Steinway & Sons has designed a piano that matches this profile brilliantly: the Essex. This addition to the family of Steinway & Sons designed pianos was launched in 2006.

Once again, Steinway & Sons has successfully integrated “Steinway Traits” in the Essex piano concept. The extraordinary solid spine structure, the concept of the soundboard with vertically laminated bridge, the diagonally laminated pinblock, the wide tail design for grand pianos and the lean action with nicely balanced hammerheads form the core ingredients for a brilliant concept with exceptionally rich and harmonic musical opportunities.

The Essex piano has what every pianist, advanced or amateur, is looking for. In this price range, the Essex, designed by Steinway & Sons, is a solid choice if you are looking for quality at an affordable price. “Steinway Promise Certificate”: when you invest in an Essex, designed by Steinway & Sons, we reimburse 100% of the net price when you upgrade to a Steinway & Sons piano within the first 10 years after purchasing your Essex piano.

So, is Essex an interesting investment? Definitely! Essex, designed by Steinway & Sons, has 3 upright and 5 grand piano models on the market.


When you decide to buy a grand piano, you have to make the right choice. Doutreligne, the private brand of Piano's Maene, stands for exclusivity and craftsmanship. If you are interested in a Douterligne, you want a grand piano that has a pleasant sound, a nice touch, in other words, a complete and robust instrument.

The soundboard is the soul of the grand piano. It determines the sound colour, sound quality, durability and the volume of the piano to a great extent. Just like the best piano builders, Doutreligne pianos use massive epica. This is a light, smooth wood sort which is strong due to its straight grain. This amplifies and colours the slightest chords trembles. The grand piano is able to reproduce all kinds of musical emotions. This is obtained through a perfect keyboard and a perfect action. All of the parts are of the highest quality and are assembled with great care. Specialized technicians provide subtle adjustments and quality control of the Doutreligne-Maene selection. This gives the instruments a unique musicality which is based on more than 70 years of experience. A beautiful furniture finish shows the professionality and the care of the piano builder and has become a byword for quality and durability. The choice of the materials, the manufacture of the components, the assembly and balance by Doutreligne-Maene selection guarantee an impeccable quality and years of musical enjoyment.

Have a look at our Doutreligne leaflet.


Yamaha was founded by Torakusu Yamaha in 1889, under the name Yamaha Organ Manufacturing Company. The company turned into a public limited company in 1897 under the name Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd., of which Torakusu Yamaha became CEO. In 1987 at the occasion of the company’s 100th anniversary the name was changed into ‘Yamaha Corporation’. The headquarters are located in Hamamatsu, Japan. This location also encompasses the Japanese production unit (Toyo Oka) where the premium and other instruments are constructed. However, Yamaha also has piano factories in other Asian countries such as China and Indonesia.

Initially, Yamaha produced cheap clones of western brands, as many other companies did back in the days. However, during the past 125 years, the company has grown into its role as one of the key players in the music industry and has instruments in all price ranges. The selection is not limited to pianos and other keyboard instruments but also contains wind and percussion instruments, professional audio equipment, music software, and so on.

Piano’s Maene and Yamaha have been collaborating for over 30 years. We embraced the Yamaha premium instruments as one of the early adopters in Europe and the first in Belgium.

Today you’ll find several Yamaha series in our shops, such as the B-series, the U-series, the YUS-series, the SX-series, …


In 2013 Kawai celebrated its 85th anniversary. In a small rented workshop in Hamamatsu (Japan) founder Koichi Kawai started manufacturing pianos back in 1927. His goal was to make a piano that was both revolutionary and affordable. When Koichi died in 1955, his son Shigeru Kawai followed in his footsteps, and in 1989 his son Hirotaka assumed control. A lot of of Kawai instruments are being produced in Japan to this day, but a small amount of the piano's (mainly the smaller models) are currently being manufactured in Indonesia. In 1997, Kawai was the first piano manufacturer worldwide to receive the ISO 14001 label for their excellent environmental policy.

Chris Maene’s father, Albert Maene, first discovered Kawai at the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels. Even though the piano market back then was mainly focused on smaller upright pianos, Albert saw potential in Kawai’s higher-grade upright and grand pianos. He was one of the first in Europe to grasp this opportunity. In 1960, the Kawai pianos made their first appearance in our showroom. In 2010, Piano’s Maene and Kawai celebrated their 50 years of a loyal collaboration. They organized several events to celebrate this occasion: a Kawai exhibition, a special series of upright pianos (exclusively designed for Piano’s Maene), a visit from Mr. Kawai (present CEO) to our headquarters in Ruiselede, which ended festively with a jubilee concert.

The past 85 years, Kawai has received a large number of patents for their piano related developments. Today, the Kawai instruments are typically known for their harmonious combination of centuries of craftsmanship and advanced technologies. The specific method of manufacturing and the use of revolutionary materials guarantee an exquisite sound and an extremely responsive keystroke: Kawai instruments have a Neotex keyboard (which absorbs natural oils and perspiration from the hands), a massive soundboard made of quarter-sawn spruce, and a Millennium III action (made out of ABS-Carbon, which is not subject to moisture or atmospheric humidity contrary to wood and has a longer lifespan).

Today, Piano’s Maene is proud to be Kawai’s largest retailer in Belgium. The company has already received many awards to honour this. Thanks to our large range of acoustic and digital Kawai pianos, we are able to sell customers the Kawai instrument that matches their specific expectations, preferences, personalities and finances. Investing in a Kawai piano is and remains worth the effort because of its great quality, warm sound and reliable craftsmanship. In our showrooms you’ll find several series of acoustic Kawai pianos, including the K-series (upright pianos) and the G and RX-series (grand pianos).