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Doutreligne Conservatoire II PE Grand Piano Polished Ebony

Doutreligne Conservatoire II PE Grand Piano Polished Ebony

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Information and specifications

Type:Grand piano
Height:101 cm
Width:154 cm
Length:187 cm
Weight:358 kg
Finishing:Polished Ebony

This is the ideal grand piano to transform the living room into a chamber music concert hall. The longer drones and larger soundboard mean that more subtle sound tones are possible. And so, this Doutreligne grand piano makes an ideal practice instrument. The demanding amateur and the professional musician come into their own on this instrument.

Doutreligne, the private brand of Piano's Maene, stands for exclusivity and craftsmanship. To favour a Doutreligne is to choose a grand piano which guarantees a pleasant sound, a nicely feeling touch, and a perfectly finished and robust instrument. The soundboard is the soul of the grand piano. It determines to a great extend the sound colour, sound quality, durability and the volume. Following the best piano builders, Doutreligne pianos use massive epica. This is a light, smooth wood sort which is strong due to its straight grain. The slightest trembling of the chords is hereby amplified and coloured. The touch of the grand piano is able to reproduce all kinds of musical emotions. This is obtained through a perfect keyboard and a perfect action. All of the parts are of the highest quality and are assembled with great precision. Specialized technicians provide for a subtle adjustment and quality control for the Doutreligne-Maene selection. This way, we give the instruments a unique musicality which is based on more than 70 years of experience. A beautiful furniture finish shows the seriousness and the care of the piano builder and has become a byword for quality and durability. The choice of the materials, the manufacture of the components, the assembly and balancing by Doutreligne-Maene selection guarantee an impeccable quality and years of musical enjoyment.