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Doutreligne Sonata SB Digitale Piano Satin Black (PROMO)

Doutreligne Sonata SB Digitale Piano Satin Black (PROMO)

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  • Adjustable piano bench (to the value of €130,-)
  • Headphones (to the value of €23,-)
Free delivery5 years of warrantyMaene Digital AcademyMaene Acoustic Bonus

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Information and specifications

Type:Digital upright piano
Height:86,5 cm
Width:143,4 cm
Depth:42 cm
Weight:55 kg
Finishing:Satin Black

Due to the growing demand for budget-friendly, qualitative and light instruments with headphone use, Piano's Maene have extended the Doutreligne instrument family with a series of digital pianos. Our digital piano is the result of an intensive cooperation between product specialists of Piano's Maene as well as experts from the manufacturer in Germany. Piano's Maene has more than 80 years of expertise in piano building and acoustic pianos. Building on this know-how, we have strived to create an imitation of a real piano that is as realistic and authentic as possible, in terms of both touch and sound.


For the sampling, the Steinway D-274 concert grand piano was used. The sound is generated via the dream audio chip which, in addition to the piano sample, also simulates the string resonance and key-off sampling. The resonance of other strings and the sound of the damper on the string can therefore also be heard, just like on a real piano. In this way, the sound is as close as possible to the sound you would get from an acoustic piano. The vibration of other strings and the sound of the damper on the string can be heard.

The piano has a polyphony of 256 voices, which means that you can play arpeggios without notes dropping out and, moreover, that you can combine sounds without problems.


The Doutreligne Sonata has a weighted keyboard (Concert Pianist) with wooden keys, which can also be adjusted to your own wishes via the user calibration tool. This makes the touch even more realistic and allows each pianist to adjust it to their own wishes for optimal control and response.

Bluetooth Audio

Feel like playing along with a different recording or accompaniment after practising a piece? Simply connect your smartphone or tablet to the piano via Bluetooth with the Doutreligne Etude and play the recording through the instrument's speakers.

User interface

The Doutreligne Sonata is equipped with an LCD matrix display. Uniquely, the user menus are available in both Dutch and French.


  • Library with more than 30 sounds (voices)
  • Metronome and preselectable rhythms
  • 5 hall effects and 5 modulation effects
  • Recording function (2 channels)
  • 4 hands mode
  • Split and layer function
  • Learning function for beginners
  • Playback of MP3 files via USB stick.
  • Connections: MIDI in/out and AUX in/out
  • 2 headphone jacks
  • USB to host / USB to device