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Roland FP90 SB Digital Piano Satin Black

Roland FP90 SB Digital Piano Satin Black

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Are you looking for a full-fledged stage piano without having to make concessions in terms of sound quality and keyboard? Then the Roland FP90 is for you! The sound generator with the unique Supernatural piano modeling technology and the PHA-50 keyboard are directly descended from Roland's top models. No compromises needed on this model!

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Information and specifications

Type:Digital stage piano
Height:13,4 cm
Width:139,6 cm
Depth:37,1 cm
Weight:23,8 kg
Finishing:Satin Black

If you play the piano, you know that inspiration can come at any time, depending on where you play, who you play with and, of course, who you play for. If you want your music to reach its audience, the Roland FP-90 can help. It embeds our best sound generator and our best keyboard in an elegant and modern piece of furniture which also houses a multi-channel speaker system with enough power to play in small rooms. A range of carefully selected additional sounds including electric pianos, strings, organs and synths are also available, allowing you to use the Roland FP-90 in many musical styles. And thanks to Audio / MIDI compatibility via Bluetooth®, you can connect wirelessly to Roland's Piano Partner 2 and other music apps on smartphones or tablets. Available in black or white finishes, the Roland FP-90 is ready to follow you wherever you want to play.

Standard Features

  • Authentic grand piano touch from the PHA-50 (Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement) keyboard, which combines wood and molded materials for great feel and lasting durability
  • Uses the latest SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology instead of conventional sampling for a far richer, more detailed piano sound
  • Four speakers provide powerful and rich sound that’s ideal for intimate live performances
  • Premium selection of electric piano, strings, organ, and synth sounds, along with 30 registrations for storing favorite sound setups, including layers and splits for live performance
  • Mic input and vocal effects
  • Connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth wireless technology and play along with audio from your apps routed through the piano’s speaker system
  • Enhance performances with rhythm accompaniments from Roland’s Piano Partner 2 app
  • Flat, portable cabinet in black or white finishes
  • Optional KSC-90 stand and KPD-90 pedal provide an elegant integrated look for home use
  • Compatible with DP-10 Damper pedal (included) or RPU-3 Triple Pedal (optional)

Superior Piano Sound and Touch in an Ultraportable Format
Why should you settle for compromises in sound quality and keyboard feel with a portable piano? You don't have to compromise with the Roland FP-90, as the instrument's tone generator and high-quality keyboard construction are derived from those of our top pianos. The FP-90 piano is housed in a stylish and extremely portable housing. Roland's unique SuperNATURAL Piano modeling technology accurately reproduces the entire sound creation process of an acoustic piano; including the note combinations that are formed, their resonance and the way in which different piano elements influence each other. The result is a rich, complex sound - including overtones - that follows your playing style and changes with it. And then there's the PHA-50: a new keyboard type that fuses wood and cast materials for the best of both worlds. The beautiful wooden sides give each key a familiar, rigid mass that feels completely perfect while playing. The durable inner frame ensures that you will be able to use the Roland FP-90 for years to come, without having to worry about the reliability of the piano.

Powerful Built-in Speakers: Suitable for Head Amplification on Smaller Stages
The Roland FP-90 is equipped to sound good no matter what room you play on it. The discreet built-in bi-amp system sends a rich, powerful sound to the main speakers and sparkling highs to the newly developed dome tweeters. The audience can thus enjoy a wide dynamic range and a precise reproduction of each acoustic sound element. And with the handy three-band equalizer on the front panel, it is possible to easily adjust the sound according to the playing space. Whether you're just using the built-in speakers for small gigs, or connecting to an external PA on larger stages, you'll always be amazed by the great sound of the Roland FP-90.

Versatile Professional Sound Selection for Every Performance Style
You expect a digital piano from Roland to serve a large selection of piano sounds. And the Roland FP-90 adds to the action in that respect. But what if you need something other than a classic piano sound during a performance? The Roland FP-90 also takes care of that. It is equipped with a wealth of professional electric pianos, strings, organs and synth sounds; giving you the opportunity to play any genre of music. You can save your favorite sounds - along with other useful settings such as layers and splits - in the 30 memory locations provided for quick recall afterwards. The special Upper and Lower volume sliders on the front panel make it easy to balance the sound levels nicely. And if you also sing, the microphone input and the accompanying voice effects - such as compression, doubling and reverb - ensure that you get great voice sounds, without having to use extra equipment. You can even record full performances on a USB stick in WAV or MP3 format, to share your music with others!

Bluetooth connection broadens the Performance and Practice options
Nowadays people often play together with their favorite songs stored in their smartphone. With the built-in Bluetooth wireless support, the Roland FP-90 goes one step further. The piano makes it possible to stream your music to the powerful internal speakers; for quite an immersive experience. If you also activate the free Roland Piano Partner 2 app on your tablet, you also get creative possibilities. Think of: rhythmic background accompaniment in genres such as pop, jazz and blues. The accompaniment even follows the chords you play: all completely wireless via Bluetooth technology.

Flexible Enough to Play Anywhere
Although the Roland FP-90 is packed with the latest technologies and time-saving features for the busy musician, the external design was kept simple and refined. Even if this is a portable piano; yet the Roland FP-90 also looks great at home; especially in combination with the optional KSC-90 stand and the KPD-90 pedal for a fresh, contemporary look. The KSC-90 stand is stable and durable, despite its simple, modern design. And the KPD-90's three set-up pedals support Progressive Damper Action, providing a continuous response - perfect for traditional piano playing techniques.