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Yamaha GC2 SH2 PE Silent Grand Piano Polished Ebony 

Yamaha GC2 SH2 PE Silent Grand Piano Polished Ebony 

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€ 28,640
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Information and specifications

Type:Silent acoustic piano
Height:101 cm
Width:149 cm
Length:173 cm
Weight:305 kg
Finishing:Polished Ebony

The Yamaha GC2SH2 is an acoustic grand piano, equipped with a silent acoustic system, more specifically the SH2 Silent System by Yamaha.

The larger cabinet size and the affordable price make the GC2 a very popular grand piano.
An instrument with a brilliant sound and excellent resonance. The suitable size of this grand piano also provides a little extra in the 'looks' department, and ensures beautifully streamlined proportions. In short, making music on this piano is pure fun.

SH2 Silent System

Yamaha’s SH Silent System is the first and only system in the industry equipped with the incredible sound that has been acquired from the new Yamaha CFX concert grand piano. When the silencing function is activated and the keys are struck, hammer shank stoppers move into place to prevent the hammers from striking the strings. While the piano is outwardly silenced, the movement of the keys and other performance information are picked up by optical sensors and converted to digital data by a tone generator. The digitally sampled acoustic sound is then sent to the stereo headphones for the player to enjoy in complete privacy.

Enjoy the remarkable sound of Yamaha's CFX large concert grand pianos. 265 Mb of Wave memory sampling for playing the most subtle dynamic nuances. 4 types of piano-effects. 256-note polyphony. 19 different sounds, including piano, electrical piano, organ and harpsichord. Built-in metronome function and user-friendly control panel. 53 pre-installed demo songs. High-quality sound when using the headphone connections. Send recordings through USB and connect with computers or MIDI-equipped instruments.