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Yamaha YUS1 Enspire Selfplay Piano Polished Ebony

Yamaha YUS1 Enspire Selfplay Piano Polished Ebony

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Information and specifications

Type:Self-playing piano
Height:121 cm
Width:152 cm
Depth:61 cm
Weight:229 kg
Finishing:Polished Ebony

The Yamaha YUS1 ENSPIRE ST is an acoustic upright piano, equiped with a piano player system; namely the the Disklavier Enspire system by Yamaha.

Disklavier combines traditional Yamaha craftsmanship with innovative technology to create a unique instrument: The perfect Entertainment Piano capable of recording and replaying performances with every detail captured.

Here are the 10 key features that make Disklavier ENSPIRE the most powerful and inspiring Disklavier ever.

  1. New streamlined design: The large control box from previous Disklavier models is replaced with a much smaller one.
  2. WiFi Internet Access: Disklavier ENSPIRE includes a WPS WiFi adaptor for wireless Internet connection.
  3. Intuitive new user interface: Control the Disklavier ENSPIRE via a web browser from PC, Mac, mobile or tablet.
  4. 500 amazing songs built-in, access to 6000 more: Supplement your library with purchases from the YamahaMusicSoft online store directly within the web browser app.
  5. Exclusive 24-hour streaming services: Yamaha Piano Radio: Instant access to over 30 channels of streaming piano music – some with audio backing.
  6. New stereo ensemble recordingsThe Disklavier plays along to new audio songs – including many with vocals.
  7. Ultra-high resolution AccuPlay recording and playback: Disklavier ENSPIRE Pro models now access hammer sensor feedback in addition to key and solenoid monitoring.
  8. New high-quality digital tone generator: Direct from Yamaha Silent Piano SH and TransAcoustic models for superb ‘non-acoustic’ instrument voicings.
  9. USB audio recording: Make CD-quality audio recordings while playing in acoustic mode.
  10.  Silent Rehearsal: Includes Yamaha Silent technology with binaurally-captured CFX concert grand sound for private rehearsal via headphones.
Besides that the instrument can be played as an acoustic upright piano.
Thanks to its height of 121 cm the Yamaha YUS1 offers everything a piano lover needs to be inspired. The production process of this series also includes a lot of manual labour.
The quality of the strings ensures better sound generation as well as balance in volume and sound.