Digital pianos

Why should you purchase your digital piano at Piano’s Maene?

  • Pianos are our speciality. We do not have any expertise on drums, guitars or other instruments. But we know everything there is to know about pianos. Also digital pianos! We have more than 75 years of experience with acoustic pianos, and more than 25 years with digital pianos.
  • We only have the best brands in our range. A-brands that have been setting "the tone" for many years, including brands such as Yamaha, Roland, Kawai and Nord.
  • The entire range of these brands is available in our showrooms, ready for you to try out, from the most affordable entry models to the best grand piano. Anyone who is interested in buying one can try them iout at their own pace.
  • Our piano consultants are not only experienced pianists, they also have extensive knowledge of all digital models, so they can help you find the instrument that suits you best, within your budget.
  • We ensure that you will receive the same Maene Top Service as someone who buys an acoustic piano. We deliver your digital instrument at your doorstep for free, anywhere in Belgium (ground floor) and construct it (we deliver pianos, not boxes).
  • With our unique hire-to-buy formula you can rent your new digital piano while you still have the option of buying it: you rent the instrument for a monthly fee and automatically become its owner after a period of 50 months.
  • During our "Maene Digital Academy" training the many extra capabilities of your digital piano will be explained step-by-step. This 3-hour training is free for all our clients and will be organised at regular intervals.
  • For anyone who buys a digital piano, an accoustic piano or grand piano is often the next step. This dream instrument can be purchased as an additional instrument. When you buy something at Piano’s Maene, you receive the "Maene Acoustic Bonus", which automatically grants you an extra discount if you purchase an acoustic piano within the next five years (see further).

And finally, there is plenty of information about digital pianos online. On our website, you will find a lot of information about the various models and you can easily compare prices and properties. However, we strongly recommend not to make a definite choice before you have tried out your instruments. All models from our catalogue are available in one or more of our showrooms, ready to play. Pay us a visit to test them out, and our piano consultants will give you all the information you need. They are all professional pianists, who - based on their knowledge and experience - will help you choose the perfect instrument.