Leasing: start renting and become owner

You are quite sure about the instrument that you want to purchase, but you would rather rent it first? You want to play a high quality instrument from the start of your learning process?

In that case, you can go for our leasing formula. At first, you can rent an upright or digital piano, new or second-hand (catalogue price may not be higher than € 12.500,-) that you can choose to own later on. In this rent-purchase formula, you pay 0% of interest. No additional costs will be charged at the end of the rental period and there is absolutely no obligation to purchase the instrument.

Our Doutreligne grand pianos can also be purchased using the leasing formula.

Leasing conditions:

  • Monthly rental price = list price/50
  • Warranty = 3 x monthly rental price
  • Minimal rental period = 18 months
  • Maximal rental period = 50 months (you become owner)
  • Free delivery on ground floor in Belgium

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