Second-hand pianos

Piano Outlet

Our Piano Outlet is well-known throughout our neighbouring countries and has been copied many times. Our workshop actively searches for qualitative second-hand instruments in every possible price range. These instruments get a full check-up in our workshop, and are offered for sale with Maene Quality Guarantee and 5 years of warranty. These pianos are as good as new and are sold for less than half the original price. Moreover, a complete service pack is included for all second-hand acoustic instruments: free delivery in Belgium (ground floor), free tuning before and after delivery.

You can find a Piano Outlet in each of our branch-stores.

Premium Second-hand Pianos

Are you looking for the best possible quality in our second-hand instruments? Have a look at our Premium Occasions, and find the Steinway, Bechstein, Bösendorfer, etc. that you have been dreaming of. Most of the instruments have been restored in our very own workshop. For all second-hand Steinway pianos, a special certificate has been made to ensure that the instrument has been restored authentically, in the Chris Maene workshop.