Silent and Player

Tradition and innovation are two of our core values. So acoustic pianos that are innovatively expanded with electronic components and functions are our speciality!

Silent and TransAcoustic

In an era of technological marvel and expansion, the silent system is a perfect example of the harmonious collaboration between acoustics and technology.

Acoustic pianos that are equipped with a headphone system offer a lot of benefits. On the one hand, they are fully fledged instruments equipped with educationally responsible, mechanical keyboards and a trusted acoustic sound production. On the other hand, they are equipped with a "digital piano module", which allows them to produce a digital sound that finds its way to the player through the headphones.

In this way, the instruments in question are silent to the outside world. The player is always able to let his creativity roam free and concentrate on his play without being interrupted or disturb others. Even though there are certain systems on the market that can be incorporated into any acoustic piano later on, we recommend choosing brands that add this technology immediately in their workshop. Yamaha uses the name "Silent Piano", while Kawai uses the name "Anytime" to refer to this type of pianos. Our instruments from Doutreligne, Essex and Boston can optionally also be delivered with a silent acoustic system.

If the silent system also uses the soundboard of the acoustic piano as a "speaker" to strengthen electronically created sounds, it should be referred to as a "TransAcoustic" system. Both Yamaha and Kawai can equip some of their models with this system.


Player systems: automatically playing pianos

A "player" system can make an acoustic piano play on its own, including moving keys. This can be seen as the modern and evolved version of the piano with rolls from the beginning of the 20th century. The system also allows players to record their play for replaying it afterwards. Furthermore the piano can be synchronised with an iPad, iPhone, smartphone or laptop. This perfect mix of tradition and innovation ensures a total multimedia experience!

A piano equipped with this system can be used to the fullest: it can be played by a pianist, just like any other piano, but when the pianist is on holiday or has to leave momentarily, the Pianomation system ensures live piano music. The automatically playing piano always creates the right atmosphere in restaurants, hotel bars and receptions, but also at home. Through your iPad, iPhone, smartphone or laptop, you can consult a complete music library in all genres (classical, jazz, dinner music, ...), played by well-known pianists.

For all available player systems on the market today, you can count on Piano’s Maene. We can incorporate systems such as the QRS and the Pianodisc system in most acoustic upright pianos and grand pianos, but we can also provide the Yamaha Disklavier (with its newest generation "Inspire") and - the icing on the cake - the Steinway Spirio.