Warranty digital pianos

Piano's Maene offers you a full service for digital pianos too. We have several in-house specialists, but we also work with renowned technical staff who execute repairs ordered by the manufacturers. Naturally, there is also a comprehensive guarantee. Usually the manufacturer grants a two-year warranty on digital pianos. This is the statutory minimum for electronic appliances in the EU.  In any case Piano’s Maene extends this basic guarantee of the manufacturer to 3 years. But a lot of manufacturers are also willing to extend the warranty period, provided that you register your instrument at their website. Below you’ll find an overview of the warranty periods and any registration pages of our digital brands:


Kawai has been granting 5-year warranties on all models. You do not need to take any further action, so no registration is required. The delivery date determines the starting date of the warranty. 



Roland grants at least 3 years of warranty on all models, provided that you register at their website. For their middle-class and top-class models they even grant a 10-year warranty.  Click here to register your Roland digital piano.


Yamaha grants a standard 2-year warranty on all their digital instruments. By registering your instrument the warranty of this piano is automatically extended by 3 years during promotional periods. This exclusively applies to the Avant Grand, CLP and CVP series.
Click here to register your Yamaha digital piano.