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As low as €4,384.00

The Kawai K15 is the first model in the K series, this excellent small study model has all the characteristics required to tackle the first piano years with peace of mind. Bright, clear and detailed, its timbre expresses itself in a good homogeneity, perfectly introducing all the characteristics of the brand's instruments.

Its precise and robust mechanics, with a well proportioned touch, allow the young pianist to perfect his muscles of the fingers without any constraint.Only a limited power, a consequence of its small size, will not open its doors to expression.

Good value for money, this top-of-the-range study piano is sure to delight fans of the brand.


110 cm
149 cm
59 cm
196 kg
White keys
Black keys
Ultra Responsive
Solid spruce
Duplex scaling
Sostenuto pedal
Silent version
Number of pedals
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The soundboard and ribs are considered the most important sound producing components of a piano, with both the materials used and the manner in which they are assembled greatly affecting volume and tonal quality. The Kawai K15E soundboard is produced using the finest quality straight-grained spruce, carefully selected and scientifically tested to exceed KAWAI’s demanding resonance standards, ensuring exceptional dynamic range and outstanding tonal balance across the entire sound spectrum.

The Kawai K15E features the exclusive Ultra-Responsive™ direct blow action, with selected hardwood hammer shanks and 100% wool felt hammer heads, providing an extraordinary touch and feel. To improve the action’s climatic stability, KAWAI pioneered the use of aluminium action rails, aluminium hammer rest rails and ABS action parts – addressing many of the problems associated with wooden components, such as breakage under continual high stress, and shrinking/swelling due to changes in temperature and humidity.

In addition to the exceptionally large solid spruce soundboard, the Kawai K15E also utilises four fully laminated back posts, delivering optimum rigidity and enhanced tuning stability. With attractive ‘continental’ styling and compact design, the Kawai K15E is a contemporary instrument suitable for today’s modern living environments. Offering impressive specifications at an affordable price, this instrument represents an exceptional introduction to KAWAI quality for families and first-time piano buyers.

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