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Exceptional PROMOTION: receive a free iPad 9 (2021) with the purchase of a Yamaha Clavinova CSP-170 (promotion valid until 31/01/2023)

The CSP-170 is the top model in the Yamaha Clavinova CSP series, and features a keyboard with wooden keys. In addition, this model also features better amplification compared to the CSP-150. By connecting to a tablet, the Smart Pianist app gives you access to a large database of instrumental sounds, style accompaniments and hundreds of songs that you can quickly master while playing! The Yamaha Clavinova CSP-170 is equipped with 'Stream Lights' technology where lights show you which notes to play.

General information

104 cm
141.2 cm
46.5 cm
67 kg

Technical specifications

Keyboard name
Natural Wood X (NWX)
Wooden keyboard
Synthetic Ivory/Ebony
Let off
(45W + 45W) x 2
Accompanying rhythms
Accompanying styles
General MIDI
Number of voices
Bluetooth audio
Bluetooth MIDI
Line out
Line in
USB to host
USB to device
MIDI in/out
Number of pedals
  1. Maene Acoustic Bonus
  2. Maene Digital Academy
  3. Free delivery
  4. 5 years Warranty

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Smart technology combined in 1 instrument

Like the other instruments in the Clavinova series, the CSP-170 features samples from the world-renowned Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand pianos. In addition, this model features a wide range of sounds and accompaniment styles. In addition, the CSP-170 offers an extensive database of more than 400 internal songs. Play to your favorite music and adjust the pitch or tempo to suit your playing needs, or even mute the lead voice. The Smart Pianist app analyzes your favorite music and generates the accompanying score for you to play along with. The keys are indicated by Stream Lights that help you find your way.

Do you like to sing? The Clavinova CSP series also features a microphone jack and Vocal Harmony, allowing you to sing along with your favorite songs and tunes.

Natural Wood X (NWX) keyboard

The Natural Wood X (NWX) keyboard with wooden keys of the Yamaha Clavinova CSP-170, offers the pianist a very authentic and realistic playing feel. The white and black keys feature synthetic ivory and ebony and therefore have a strong absorbing effect, which will also lower the chances of playing mistakes. The keyboard features an escapement (let-off) mechanism, similar to a real acoustic piano.

Binaural sampling - Realistic sound experience through headphones

Via the Binaural Sampling technology from Yamaha samples the sound of the piano using specialized microphones attached to the pianist's ear. As a result, all the nuances discerned by the human ear are captured. Thanks to this technology, a three-dimensional sound is produced, and it seems as if the sound is actually coming from the piano cabinet, when you play with headphones. Binaural Sampling thus ensures an optimal musical experience when using headphones.

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