General rental conditions

We are confident that this lease will go through without any problems. Nevertheless, we are legally compelled to agree on a number of conditions together and have them confirmed by the tenant. These are often exceptions or things that rarely or never occur, but it is necessary to mention them. We therefore ask you to read through the following conditions and confirm that you agree with them. 

General terms and conditions for the tenant

  • These general conditions apply to all agreements of the "long term rental" type of Pianos Maene, both those concluded in one of our showrooms, and those concluded through the webshop. They concern the instruments and accessories mentioned in the agreement. The renter indicates to be aware of these conditions, and to agree to them. 

  • The instrument is rented for an indefinite period. The rental starts on the day of delivery of the instrument to the lessee and is tacitly renewed monthly. The date of delivery will be fixed after telephone or e-mail contact between the lessee and the lessor. The minimum rental period is 6 paying months. After that, the tenant can decide to terminate the agreement on a monthly basis. This can be done via a simple mail or phone. The rental will then stop automatically on the day of this notification, and a pick-up date will be set afterwards. Delivery and collection on the ground floor are free of charge in Belgium and the Netherlands. For delivery and collection on a ground floor, an additional cost is charged. This depends on the specific situation, the customer has to contact Piano's Maene for this.

  • The renter confirms that he knows and agrees with the rental prices used by Piano's Maene. The first month's rent is paid electronically at the conclusion of this agreement, should in case of exception be paid in any case before the delivery of the instrument. Subsequent monthly payments must be made by direct debit. To this end, the tenant will fill in the necessary data and gives permission to Piano's Maene to execute this direct debit order. 

    (In case of non-payment, Piano's Maene has the right to charge interest. In case of arrears of more than 2 months, Piano's Maene has the right to pick up the instrument. )

  • At the conclusion of this agreement, and exceptionally at the latest before the delivery of the instrument, the hirer pays a guarantee of two months' rent. At the end of the rental contract, this deposit will be returned in full to the hirer, provided that there is no damage to the instrument (with the exception of those resulting from normal use or wear and tear. 

  • Once the instrument is with the tenant, he or she will use and manage it as a good reasonable person. He or she will make sure the instrument is used in a normal living room environment and will not rent it out to third parties. In case of a possible move, the tenant will contact Piano's Maene in advance and communicate the new address. The instrument is not to be placed outside Belgian or Dutch territory. 

    During the rental period, the risk of loss, damage, theft or destruction is borne by the renter, also in cases of force majeure. Any damages, not caused by normal use or wear, will be charged to the hirer at the termination of the hire agreement. The tenant will insure the instrument against fire or other accidents.

    Should the instrument, for any reason, not be returned to the lessor, the replacement value will be charged. 


  • The instrument is delivered to the hirer in good condition. An acoustic piano is always tuned just before delivery. Extra tunings are not included in the rental price. We recommend to have a (silent) acoustic piano tuned at least once a year by our technicians. In principle, a digital piano does not need any maintenance. Any defects to the delivered instrument, however exceptional, should be reported to Piano's Maene within two working days. Also in case technical problems would occur during the rental period, these will be reported to Piano's Maene as soon as possible. Defects caused by normal use or wear will always be repaired by Piano's Maene free of charge. 

  • Accessories, such as piano benches or headphones (for digital or silent acoustic pianos) are not included in the rental contract. The hirer can decide to rent a height-adjustable piano bench in addition. For hygienic reasons, headphones are not rented. They can be purchased separately.