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With the Yamaha TA3 TransAcoustic system it is possible to play simply acoustic, as well as digitally with and without headphones! Yamaha Transacoustic technology combines the traditional acoustic piano with an advanced soundboard speaker system. As a pianist, you can enjoy multiple sounds, Bluetooth connectivity and an adjustable volume level. Using the Smart Pianist app, you can control the TransAcoustic system very easily via smartphone or tablet.

General information

152 cm
152 cm
62 cm
229 kg

Technical specifications

White keys
Black keys
Solid spruce
Sostenuto pedal
Hammer sensors
Keyboard sensors
Number of voices
Bluetooth audio
Bluetooth MIDI
Line out
Line in
USB to host
USB to device
MIDI in/out
Smart Pianist

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What is a Yamaha TransAcoustic piano?

A Yamaha TransAcoustic piano is an acoustic piano that offers a unique combination of both acoustic and digital capabilities. The technology takes full advantage of the piano's design and construction via transducers mounted on the soundboard. The transducers convert the vibrations of the strings into digital signals that are sent to a tone generator, which in turn converts them into digital samples (piano sounds or other instruments). Thanks to the transducers, these samples are amplified by the piano's vocal floor, creating a rich and expressive sound that merges with the natural sound of the acoustic piano.

A Yamaha TransAcoustic piano thus offers a hybrid technology that combines an acoustic piano with all the practical benefits of a digital piano. You can play the instrument with digital sounds, control the volume and add all kinds of effects. Moreover, you can also combine the acoustic piano sounds with digital sounds as an additional layer.

Each Yamaha TransAcoustic piano also features Yamaha Silent technology. This also allows you to play the piano quietly with headphone function, without disturbing others.

Bluetooth Audio and MIDI

Via Bluetooth Audio you can stream your favorite songs from your tablet or smartphone. You can simply play the music using the piano as a speaker, or you can play along with audio tracks and get creative.

The Yamaha Transacoustic pianos are equipped with Bluetooth MIDI that allows you to connect to a smart device. The Smart Pianist app can be downloaded for free and provides a user-friendly, graphical interface and many additional features for smooth use of your instrument.

Articulation Sensor System

Both the Yamaha Silent and TransAcoustic pianos feature the new Articulation Sensor System, which accurately interprets how real pianos respond and goes on to simulate real piano sounds very accurately and faithfully via algorithms. The sensors are also non-contact, so they have no impact whatsoever on the instrument's playing feel. The grand pianos also feature non-contact sensors on the hammers, translating key movements even more accurately into the piano sounds.

Grand Expression Modeling

Thanks to this new technology, the impact of the pianist's playing technique on the sound reproduction is simulated, both Silent and in TransAcoustic mode. Similar to an acoustic piano, the intensity and speed of the touch provides limitless sound variation, adding an extra dimension to the musical experience.

Virtual Resonance Modelling (VRM)

Thanks to Yamaha's groundbreaking Virtual Resonance Modelling technology, the sound and resonance of a real grand piano is recreated in a unique way, when playing both Silent and TransAcoustic pianos. This takes into account all of the interactions that take place within the instrument such as the vibration of the strings, the sound box the soundboard, sounds from dampers and pedals.

Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial samples

The Yamaha Silent and TransAcoustic pianos feature samples from the world-renowned Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand pianos. Bösendorfer is a famous Viennese piano manufacturer, founded in 1828, which became the property of Yamaha. The Yamaha CFX is characterized by a bright and expressive sound, while the Bösendorfer Imperial has a more charming and warm timbre. All 88 keys were sampled very accurately, which makes the harmonious nuances of the instruments stand out very well.

Binaural sampling - Realistic sound experience via headphones

Via Yamaha's Binaural Sampling technology, the sound of the piano is sampled using specialized microphones attached to the pianist's ear. This captures all the nuances distinguished by the human ear. Thanks to this technology, a three-dimensional sound is produced, and it seems as if the sound is actually coming from the piano case, when you play with headphones. Binaural Sampling thus ensures an optimal musical experience when using headphones.

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