Workshop Chris Maene

The "Chris Maene" workshop enjoys a worldwide reputation. Chris Maene and son Frederic, together with a team of builders, cabinet makers, restorers and technicians, are responsible for

  • The building of pianoforte replicas and our Chris Maene Straight Strung Concert Grand. 
  • The restoration and overhaul of valuable pianos and grand pianos, with a speciality in the restoration of Steinway & Sons instruments


Atelier Chris Maene is a globally renowned and innovative piano workshop where we build our Chris Maene Straight Strung pianos and replicas of historical keyboard instruments. 

We also perform overhauls and restorations of older pianos and historical instruments there. Over the years, the Atelier Chris Maene has become a real knowledge center and a world authority in the craft of piano building. Our replicas and concert instruments can be found in concert halls and institutes all over the world, from Austria over Russia to Japan. 

If you have a question about restoring your piano, be sure to check out our webpage on restoration or send an email to

You can find out more about the workshop "Chris Maene" and the project of our right-hand concert grand piano on the website below: