Canto Ostinato: fascinating music on 4 grand pianos !

Simeon ten Holt's best-known work is Canto Ostinato (1977-1979), and its popularity has only grown. Ten Holt wrote Canto Ostinato after he stopped using serialism.  Canto was created while playing on the keyboard, and he preferred to refer to its construction as the development of a genetic code.

Canto consists of 106 sections of several bars in b-flat minor. Ultimately it was the composer Andries Hubers who combined the sections into a score. After that, ten Holt reworked the score many times, so that eventually there were several versions of the piece. He says of the pieces for four grand pianos: "My piano works, especially those for four grand pianos, are hugely orchestral. The pianos form an orchestra, the like of which does not otherwise exist. As a result, I no longer need a real orchestra."

Canto ostinato is brought to you by the Simeon Quartet, on 4 Chris Maene Straight Strung Grands. The Simeon Quartet focuses on the compositions for four grand pianos by Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt. The Simeon Quartet consists of the pianists: Cathelijne Maat, Esther Scheerder , Jacobus den Herder and Emile Engel. The quartet has released several CDs and a DVD.

The concert starts at 8 pm.

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