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A lifestyle piano with a sleeker design that a traditional home piano, the AP-S450 has the same features as the AP-550, including the Smart Hybrid Hammer Action keyboard and high-quality samples from various concert grand pianos. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect to the Casio Music Space App for an array of interactive and educational features. Thanks to the four powerful speakers and Multi-Dimensional Morphing Air sound source, you'll enjoy clear and immersive sound.

Unlike other sleek digital pianos from other manufacturers, the AP-S450 has a slightly taller cabinet, putting the music desk at the same height as a standard digital piano. This model is available in black, white and rosewood satin.

General information

86.6 cm
139.3 cm
29.9 cm
37.6 kg

Technical specifications

Keyboard name
Smart Hybrid Hammer Action
Wooden keyboard
Synthetic ebony/ivory
Let off
20W + 20W
Accompanying rhythms
Accompanying styles
General MIDI
Number of voices
Bluetooth audio
Bluetooth MIDI
Line out
Line in
USB to host
USB to device
MIDI in/out
Casio Music Space
Number of pedals

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The Casio Celviano AP-S450 uses the Smart Hybrid Hammer Action keyboard that allows for highly expressive playing. The white keys are made of a hybrid material of spruce and resin. There is a natural relief of ivory in the key surface. The black keys have a black finish that feels like ebony. Finally, all 88 keys of the keyboard are individually weighted. All this ensures that the playing feel of a real acoustic grand piano is recreated in a very realistic and authentic way.

Sound and samples

Thanks to the advanced Multi-Dimensional Morphing Air sound source with expanded memory, the AP-S450's piano sounds are enriched with additional detail, depth and resonance. Casio's multi-dimensional morphing technology ensures smooth, natural transitions in sound volume depending on the force with which the keys are struck. As with the better digital pianos on the market, you can fully personalize the sound through built-in resonance functions, simulated mechanical sounds and the Key Off Simulator.

The AP-S450 features a new speaker system with four speakers for a rich and full sound. The main speakers face downward, with frontal tweeters placed at a 45-degree angle to create a wider sound field. In addition, the piano has reflective acoustic panels on the inside to further disperse the sound. In addition, the lid of the piano can be opened to enhance the piano's resonance and bring out the dynamic and lifelike character of the instrument

The AP-S450 features 3 samples from renowned concert grand pianos, the Berlin Grand, the Hamburg Grand and the Vienna Grand. In addition, there are another 26 built-in samples including e-pianos, harpsichords, organs, strings and much more. You can additionally combine or divide 2 sounds or the keyboard's treble and bass.

Bluetooth and Casio Music Space App

The AP-S450 comes with Casio's WU-BT10 Bluetooth adapter, giving the piano both Bluetooth Audio and MIDI capabilities. Bluetooth lets you stream audio from your mobile device directly to the piano's surround sound system. You can also connect to numerous creative music apps . In addition, you can use the Bluetooth feature to communicate with the Casio Music Space App, which allows you to control the piano through your smart device's touchscreen. The app also has numerous educational and interactive features for (beginning pianists) such as the Piano Roll function, Score Viewer and Live Concert Simulator.

Additional features

The AP-S450 features a visual information bar that can be used as a metronome or respond to your piano playing and/or pedal use. Through the settings it is possible to adjust the brightness of the bar or even disable the function completely.

With the AP-S450's Instant Replayer function, you can effortlessly record your playing as you play. With a recording time of up to 270 seconds, this feature allows you to capture your performance in real time. If the recording time is exceeded, it automatically overwrites the previous recording, allowing you to easily analyze your practice progress.

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