The Maene-Viñoly Concert Grand: unique innovation in the world of piano

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When world-renowned architect Rafael Viñoly knocked on Chris Maene's door six years ago with the idea of further developing and improving the contemporary concert grand piano, no one knew where it would lead.  




The Maene-Viñoly Concert Grand

Idea becomes reality

After a concert with his world-star friends Daniel Barenboim and Martha Argerich, Rafael Viñoly asked them what they would think of a grand piano with an ergonomic keyboard. Their enthusiastic response inspired him to approach Chris Maene to ask if he would be willing to realise such a design. In an e-mail with some sketches, he concluded by saying 'If you think this is crazy, I can go back drawing buildings in a minute.'

Chris Maene thought it was a brilliant idea and accepted the challenge. The concrete design was first drawn out and a model was made out of cardboard. Rafael then further drew his ideas on this in the studio in Ruiselede.

The ergonomic keyboard was the basis of the design. The rest of the grand piano was developed from that curve. This created an organic design, a logical consequence of the initial curve.

Nice details are the hand-polished legs and the strikingly stylised pedal piece. The soundboard, 20% larger than on a standard grand piano, the ornate frame and the instrument's rounded case create a special appearance but also an exceptionally powerful and colourful sound.

The Maene-Viñoly Concert Grand

Inauguration: Verbier Festival July 19th 2022

After 6 years of developing and testing with the world's greatest pianists, including Daniel Barenboim, Kirill Gerstein and Yuja Wang, the grand piano was presented to the world at the Verbier Festival on July 19th with a concert by top pianist Kirill Gerstein.

For an excerpt of the concert, click here!

The Maene-Viñoly Concert Grand

Innovation from Ruiselede

The level of interest and feedback from both press and pianists was great and very positive. Proof once more that there is room for innovation in today's world of piano building, as evidenced by the worldwide success of the straight strung grand pianos from the Chris Maene Atelier.

The Maene-Viñoly Concert Grand

The Maene-Viñoly Concert Grand

The Maene-Viñoly Concert Grand can be played and admired at Piano's Maene headquarters in Ruiselede. So if you're curious to feel how easy it is to play on an ergonomic keyboard and how inspiring the grand piano's unique sound is, come visit us!

For more information on the Chris Maene website, click here!