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The Doutreligne Master D132 AdSilent is an acoustic upright piano, equipped with a silent acoustic system. The AdSilent  system has the advantage that you practice silently and don't disturb anyone, while keeping the same touch as the acoustic piano.

The Doutreligne Master D132 is the flagship of the Doutreligne buffet pianos, has a height of 132 cm and is built with high quality materials. The ideal choice for the advanced pianist!

General information

132 cm
151 cm
69 cm
280 kg

Technical specifications

White keys
Black keys
Maple wood (Abel)
Solid spruce (Strunz)
Sostenuto pedal
Hammer sensors
Keyboard sensors
Number of voices
14 + 119 (AdSilent app)
Bluetooth audio
Bluetooth MIDI
Line out
Line in
USB to host
USB to device
MIDI in/out
AdSilent 2 app

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The best that Doutreligne has to offer! These instruments incorporate a number of upgrades and refinements that give them even more quality in terms of both sound and touch. The Master series excels with sublime mechanical control and unlimited dynamic possibilities. The sound is even more refined and allows for an extremely wide range of expression possibilities. The soundboard consists of extra strictly selected solid spruce from the quality brand Strunz. Combined with hammerheads from the German top brand Renner, this creates a superior sound with unprecedented purity and depth. The Renner action mechanism and the Kluge piano keyboard provide sublime control and the unlimited dynamic possibilities that every pianist is looking for.


The Doutreligne instruments are characterized by a warm sound in the bass registers, combined with a sparkling clarity in the higher octaves. This typically European timbre makes the pianos ideally suited to a wide range of musical styles. The character of the instruments is carefully tuned and intoned by top technicians who are trained internally at Pianos Maene. This way, we give the instruments a unique musicality that builds on more than 80 years of craftsmanship and expertise. Each instrument is subjected to a strict quality control and may only leave the workshop in Ruiselede when we are convinced that the sound is perfect.


The soundboard, also called the soul of the piano, transforms the vibrations of the strings into a unique piano sound. Doutreligne soundboards consist of strictly selected solid spruce with fine straight grains, produced by the German quality brand Strunz. Each soundboard is carefully "tapered" giving it more freedom to vibrate. This ensures optimal tone and a powerful sustain.


Abel's top brand hammerheads consist of maple wood (buffet pianos) and mahogany wood (grand pianos). These are very light, responsive woods that provide a pleasant touch and unprecedented purity. All hammerheads are equipped with a double layer of felt. This ensures that the shape of the hammerheads is better preserved and that the felt is more resistant to the years of impact of the strings. The Master series is equipped with Renner's superior hammer heads.


There are approximately 220 strings in a piano and each string is under an average tension of 70 to 80 kilograms of force. For the stringing, the best quality has been chosen, namely German steel stringing from Röslau. The instruments are equipped with a duplex scale, which causes the upper and lower parts of the string to vibrate with the singing part. This creates a fuller tone and richer sound.

Vertically Laminated Bridges

All Doutreligne instruments feature bridges consisting of multiple layers of maple wood. The use of vertically laminated bridges (patented by Steinway & Sons in 1880) ensures that the energy created by the vibration of the strings is transferred to the soundboard in a more efficient manner. This in turn contributes to even more purity in the sound.

Furniture Design

The furniture design is entirely in the hands of our graphic specialist, who was trained in the Maene atelier and has already gained a lot of expertise in designing replicas of historical instruments and recently in the design of the right-handed Chris Maene concert grand pianos. With the choice for a stylish and sleek design, the instruments distinguish themselves from the typical, more traditional design that you find in other piano brands. This makes the design of the pianos suitable for both everyday and modern interiors. The extra-wide music stand ensures that even more scores can be neatly placed next to each other in a single row.

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