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What is the best digital option for your home?

Cabinet models are more similar in look to the "classic" piano and often have a larger size with larger built-in speakers, a sturdy wooden base and a cover to protect the keyboard. The larger models feature a more sophisticated keyboard, often with wooden keys, so the feeling when playing mimics that of its acoustic counterpart as closely as possible. Cabinet versions are also equipped with 3 pedals, which is not always the case with portable pianos.

Cabinet instruments are therefore usually the best solution for the living room. However, if the piano needs to be easily transportable, or you also need to be able to take it with you, the stage piano makes its entrance.

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Stage pianos with or without speakers?

The term "Stage piano" is rather misleading, because obviously these instruments are not just for stage use. Within this portable range, you have pianos with and pianos without speakers. Those with speakers are often akin to the cabinet piano in terms of operation and content. The sound capabilities are similar and most of them nowadays also feature Bluetooth, so you can easily connect to a tablet or smartphone, to play along with existing music or videos.

Moreover, all brands nowadays have a free application, which allows you to tap into all the functions of your instrument very easily. You can think of it as a user-friendly remote control to your piano. With the Roland Piano App, you get some additional features, such as an accompaniment function, for example. Of course, due to the compact design and smaller sound box, the built-in speakers usually don't have the fullness and volume of a cabinet version. If desired, you can always connect your portable piano to an external amplifier.

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Stage pianos pure and simple do not have internal speakers. Why? Well, they can be made a bit lighter as a result and are therefore more convenient to carry around. The small speakers are of no use in larger rooms or on stages anyway. These instruments are also different in terms of controls, and more focused on speed and professional use. For instance, they have a larger control panel with more function buttons, so you can quickly change a sound or parameter, without having to dive into menus. Also, the connections and midi options tend to be a lot more extensive on these instruments.

Our advice? If you play in a band, perform often with your instrument, or work in a studio context and want to use additional software, sound modules etc, then these pianos are the most suitable: NORD STAGE 3 - ROLAND RD-2000 - KAWAI MP-11 SE

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If you are mainly looking for a practical solution to take with you, as a second instrument, for example to accompany vocals or other instruments, then these budget-friendly pianos are a possible solution: YAMAHA P125 , ROLAND FP30X, KAWAI ES120

If you still want a portable home solution with sufficient sound power, then look at: KAWAI ES-920, ROLAND FP-90X, YAMAHA P-S500

Finally, it's also good to know that with many of the portable pianos with speakers, a specific wooden base is also available as an option. This will still give your instrument a homey look.