Entertainment? Pianotainment!

Four hands, one grand piano, not a single moment of boredom.
This must be about "Pianotainment".

For more than 20 years, the two pianists Marcel Dorn and Stephan Weh (born and raised in Bayern, Germany) have been surprising with original piano arrangements in a brilliant show. Jazz, pop and classical music are transformed into a completely new concert experience.

Piano entertainment is seen as the perfect combination between creative piano comedy and virtuoso piano playing. The two pianists and entertainers Marcel Dorn and Stephan Weh create innovative concert experiences around the world with their unusual four-handed arrangements and healthy dose of humor. Pianotainment has previously been cited as "the best acrobatic piano act in the world" and with their show called Crazy Concert, they travel the world and won the Conga Awards for Top Entertainers in Germany, among other awards.

The concert starts at 11 am.

Piano's Maene Ruiselede