Eric Lesage speelt "Brahms Intégrale"

'His sound is warm, subtle and varied. But above all he has a musical delicacy that makes him one of the best pianists.' There is no better way to describe French pianist Eric Le Sage. He has played with major orchestras such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the Dresdner Philharmonie. There Le Sage played not only the usual repertoire, but also unknown piano concertos by, for example, Dvořák, Stravinsky and Britten.

But his love is also for chamber music. His numerous recordings are widely appreciated and he is co-founder of the successful Festival international de musique de Salon-de-Provence. 

With his 11-movement CD box set "Brahms Intégrale Musique de Chambre" he has a wonderful project under his belt. 9 of these 11 CDs were also recorded on our own Chris Maene Straight Strung instruments.

Playing for you are Eric Le Sage(Piano), Pierre Fouchenneret (violin), Lise Berthaud (viola) and François Salque (cello).

This box set was created through a collaboration between Outhere, B-records and La Belle Saison.

The concert starts at 20h.

Piano's Maene Ruiselede