Whether you're a professional pianist, or just a music lover, finding the perfect piano for your home is indeed a life-affirming experience. 

We offer guidance by an experienced, personal piano consultant to help you find a perfect match.
You can also count on our world-class piano technicians to find, fine-tune and maintain a piano to perfectly match your ear, room and ambitions.

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Steinway & Sons

Steinway & Sons have been the leading piano manufacturer for over 160 years - and basically invented the modern piano as we know it. A Steinway is the instrument of choice of almost every concert pianist on earth, coveted for their rich, expressive tonality, incredible longevity and the uncompromised craftsmanship that goes into their construction.

Now, Steinway is pushing their pianos even further with their incredible Spirio system, the first player piano to be completely indistinguishable from a human pianist.

Chris Maene  284 Straight Strung Grand piano

Chris Maene

In our atelier in Ruiselede, we build the very unique Chris Maene Straight Strung pianos. The idea behind these instruments stems from the string arrangement, material use and sound characteristics of select 19th century grand pianos, which are still coveted for their transparent sound and rich colour palette. However, those instruments lacked the power and control of most modern cross-strung instruments.

By the grace of a handful of technological innovations, such as our pattented joined soundboard, the Chris Maene Straight Strung instruments combine the power and touch of a modern piano with the most interesting tonal characteristics of the old straight-strung pianos.

This line of pianos truly offers the best of both worlds, a modern hybrid instrument with exceptional sound and playabilty, creating new possibilities for modern-day pianists.

Chris Maene instruments are bespoke-built and can be fully customized to accomodate your wishes.

Our team

Our team of experienced product specialists are positively obsessed about their work, and are very willing to share their passion with you.

Wolf Leye
Wolf Leye, Steinway & Sons
Product Manager Steinway&Sons
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Henk Swinnen
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Koenraad Verstichel, pianoforte
Product Manager Historic Keyboard Instruments
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Luda Akopian store manager
Store Manager, Steinway Gallery Ghent
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