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Nord is the only major digital piano brand to design and manufacture its products entirely in Europe. The Swedish instrument maker - formerly Clavia - began building digital drum kits in the 1980s. In the 1990s the focus shifted to digital synthesizers, and in 2005 Nord launched a revolutionary stage piano with the Nord Stage, which reproduced both organ and piano sounds in high quality. Meanwhile, the Nord Stage's and Nord Piano's are much loved by live musicians on the pop and jazz circuit. You see the characteristic red pianos on all the major stages around the world. Nord Pianos are also used in studios.

Nord Stage 3 in een livesetting

Made for the stage

But what makes Nord pianos so beloved by live musicians? 

Nord was the first manufacturer to apply the button-per-function-aproach to a modern digital stage piano. This allows the pianist to control just about any parameter with the turn of a knob, without having to scroll through menus. An incredible boon for live musicians, who thus retain full control of their instrument during a performance. Also much loved are the high quality sounds and excellent effects that Nord puts into their instruments.

Another great asset is the Nord Sample Library. The internal sounds of the Nord instruments can be enriched or replaced with additional sounds that you can download for free from the Nord website. Moreover, you can also create your own samples and load them into the Nord Stage 3.

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