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As low as €4,490.00

The Roland LX9 is a premium digital piano designed to emulate the response and playing experience of a high-end acoustic instrument. The LX9 is the result of everything Roland has learned over decades of digital piano design and production. The Hybrid Grand keyboard, coupled with a powerful 8-speaker Acoustic Projection system, offers an immersive experience comparable to that of a real acoustic grand piano. This luxurious instrument with its stately and imposing design will proudly take pride of place in your living room.

Discover the LX9 and bring the beauty and finesse of an acoustic grand piano into your home.

General information

117.9 cm
139.5 cm
49.1 cm
111 kg

Technical specifications

Keyboard name
Hybrid Grand Keyboard
Wooden keyboard
Ivory/ebony Feel
Let off
(33W x 2) + (21W x 2) + (13W x 2) + (14W x 2)
Accompanying rhythms
Accompanying styles
General MIDI
Number of voices
Piano: unlimited / Other: 256
Bluetooth audio
Bluetooth MIDI
Line out
Line in
USB to host
USB to device
MIDI in/out
Roland Piano App
Number of pedals

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Hybrid Grand keyboard with High Precision Sensing

The Hybrid Grand keyboard of the Roland LX9 has longer keys so the tilt point is further back, like on a grand piano. Thanks to the new High Precision Sensing technology, you have even more control and a better response at the touch. The keys are a combination of wood and plastic. This replicates the playing feel of an acoustic piano, but at the same time, the use of plastic ensures good durability. The keyboard is equipped with an escapement (let-off) mechanism, like on a real acoustic piano. The keys have the look and feel of real ebony and ivory. The key surface is moisture-absorbing, which makes it harder for your fingers to slip off and will reduce the error rate.

The LX9 is equipped with Progressive Damper Action Pedal technology, which means you experience limited resistance when you lightly depress the pedals and more resistance the further you depress the pedals, just like an acoustic piano. This makes semi-pedal techniques easier and gives you, the pianist, much more control over dynamics and musicality.

Piano Reality Modelling

When playing an acoustic grand piano, a lot of physical interactions take place, such as pressing the keys, hitting the hammers on the strings, vibrating the strings and sound box, which notes you play and how you use the pedals. All these interactions allow pianist to hear exactly what is going on inside the grand piano. The Piano Reality Modelling technology attempts to mimic a similar communication between pianist and piano, in real time. Thanks to unlimited polyphony, notes and resonance come into their own in the Roland LX9.

Powerful speaker system with Acoustic Projection

The Roland LX9 features the best Acoustic Projection System in the range, with a 4-way set-up with eight speakers powered by a powerful amplifier. The eight speakers are divided into four pairs, with each pair optimised for superior sound reproduction across the piano's entire dynamic range.


All Roland LX series models feature the sample of both a European and American concert grand piano. The European piano sound has a richer and deeper character, while the American piano sound offers more clarity. Via the Piano Designer, you can also adjust the sound completely to your liking and save it in the piano's memory. You can also find a lot of additional sounds in the LX models, such as electric pianos, organs, strings and drum sounds.

Bluetooth connectivity and Roland piano app

You can wirelessly connect the Roland LX9 to your smartphone or tablet via the Bluetooth Audio function. That way, you can play along with your favourite songs yourself, improve your piano skills via online tutorials and even use the piano as a home entertainment audio system.

Via the Bluetooth MIDI function, you can use the Roland Piano app, which allows you to download electronic scores, practice your favourite songs and track your daily progression in the app. This provides a fine learning experience and motivates you to keep learning new things.

Design and Smart-touch controls

The Roland LX9 leaves nothing to chance. This luxurious flagship model immediately stands out in the LX series with its taller cabinet and a lid that opens to enhance timbre. This model sets a strong presence in any room. The LX9 is available in black (satin and high-gloss) and white high-gloss.

The LX9 includes Roland's latest minimalist Smart-touch control panel with fewer knobs and dials than a conventional digital piano. The panel hides itself in sleep mode if not touched for a few seconds, giving the appearance of a non-digital instrument.

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