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Investing in a Steinway instrument

It's often the reality... You almost never see a young person driving a Rolls-Royce or playing on their own Steinway. When you're younger you need the money for things like a house, study or children. This means that not everyone has money "left over" for a Steinway.

Are you planning to buy a Steinway one day and would you like to play a quality piano or grand piano in the meantime? Then the daughter brands Essex or Boston are something for you!

Designed By Steinway & Sons

Steinway & Sons Family

Thanks to the Essex and Boston brands, Steinway is reaching a larger market than before. Essex offers an affordable entry-level piano or grand piano. Boston offers a generous mid-range piano or grand piano.

Both brands are fully designed by Steinway and include patents and constructions from Steinway.

Steinway & Sons Promise

Steinway & Sons Promise

When you buy an Essex or Boston instrument you get the Steinway Promise. If you trade in your Essex or Boston within 10 years when buying a Steinway instrument, you will get the full purchase price refunded!

So for the first 10 years you can enjoy a piano or grand piano built to Steinway standards and save up for a Steinway. Become part of the Steinway family and grow into your dream piano or grand piano before you are 70.

Steinway welcomes you with open arms!

More information

Would you like to know more about Steinway, Boston or Essex? Then contact one of our consultants or check out the official Steinway website.

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