Our 5 core values

Our 5 core values

  • Passion: we are proud of what we do. All our employees have a passion for music and pianos and show this in their positive attitude and enthusiasm.
  • Quality: Piano's Maene maintains strict quality standards throughout the entire process, from purchasing, instrument building and sales to delivery and service.
  • Integrity: our relationships are based on integrity. Piano's Maene strives for long-term relationships based on respect, credibility and trust, both with its employees, its suppliers and its customers.
  • Tradition & Innovation: tradition and more than 80 years of experience go hand in hand with innovative techniques and innovations both in the instruments and the processes.
  • Customer-oriented: the customer is at the center of everything we do, we do everything to relieve him and provide personalized service.
Our mission

Our mission

Pianos Maene, as N° 1 piano ambassador, wants to be synonymous with all things piano by:

  • Offering the largest selection for purchase or rental of the highest quality pianos in all price ranges (contemporary or historical, acoustic or digital).
  • Providing every pianist (beginner to advanced, hobbyist to professional) with the instrument and personalized service best suited to him/her.
  • To translate 85 years of expertise into superior quality in distribution, instrument building, restoration and service.
  • To produce a line of pianos in a traditional way in Ruiselede and to market them worldwide.

Corporate social responsibility - 1 tree for every piano

Pianos Maene is committed to corporate social responsibility. There is no place for any form of discrimination in our company, and we are politically and religiously neutral.  We have solar panels at our headquarters that provide for our entire annual energy, and have internal procedures that promote social thinking. We also help to further supply our main raw material for pianos, wood, into the future. For every piano sold, a new tree is planted (through WeForest project). Through our active second-hand policy and rental system, we contribute to the circular economy