Why do I sometimes have to wait a long time for my digital piano?

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Why all over the world does the delivery time of many models say "on request"?
Why is it good to reserve your instrument anyway? Worldwide, there is currently a problem with the delivery of many models of acoustic, but mainly digital pianos. It is often a long wait for the enthusiastic pianist. The cause is to be found in a confluence of circumstances:

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1. THE DEMAND. There is an increased demand for digital pianos.

Since March 2020, the Covid pandemic has imposed many restrictions on everyone. People were forced to sit at home in isolation or quarantine, and were tired of watching movies or playing games anymore. It was the perfect time to put into practice the long-held dream of learning to play the piano. As a result, more people started playing the piano and digital pianos grew in popularity worldwide. In fact, the (mostly Asian) manufacturers of digital pianos cannot keep up with the increased global demand for instruments.


2. THE PRODUCTION. The piano factories cannot run at full capacity because of the Covid-19 protocols.

Because of the pandemic, most manufacturers could not operate at full capacity. There were (and still are) restrictions on the number of workers allowed in the plant, and because of the one-and-a-half meter distance, the capacity of a production line was suddenly more than halved. This all led to a drastic slowdown in production. Even without the increased demand, supply would still be very low and we would still be dealing with large numbers of backorders.

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3. TRANSPORT. There are too many ships in the ports and a shortage of empty containers.

All over the world, ports and docks are extremely congested. No matter how fast the factory brings its trucks to the dock, there is still a backlog. There are far more ships waiting than the dock can actually handle. In addition, due to disrupted traffic from ocean-going vessels, the empty containers are in the wrong places and it is often a long wait to get a container. As a result, the piano manufactured in Asia cannot get to Europe as quickly as it used to. Your digital piano may have been manufactured, but it can't get on and off the ship, or has to wait for an empty container heading to Europe.

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4. THE CHIPS. There is an ever-increasing shortage of computer chips.

You may have heard in the press about the huge shortage of computer chips, which is also causing huge delays in the automotive industry, among others.  In late 2020, a devastating fire hit a Japanese chip factory. Not only are chips a part of each individual instrument, they are also used within the factory in the production process. As if the chip shortage in late 2020 wasn't enough, another prominent Japanese chip factory was destroyed by fire in March 2021. And of course, in the meantime, the demand for computer chips also increased: the automotive industry, multimedia industry, ... need the chips more than ever. 

So what should you do next if you want to purchase a digital piano?

First of all : Pianos Maene has been able to predict this issue very well, and has a lot of back orders of the most popular models with the manufacturers Roland, Kawai and Yamaha. By being the first in line, we are often also the first to receive the new deliveries from Asia. We also have a large stock of our own brand Doutreligne, because we have been able to assess the issues here for a long time. So there is a lot available that can be delivered immediately. You can sort by "availability" on our web shop and thus see in real time what is available

But if you still want to go for your first choice, we also advise you to stand in line to buy your instrument, just like Pianos Maene stood in line with the manufacturers. The delivery problems will continue for quite some time and will not be solved soon. Reserve your instrument, we will keep you informed when it comes in. In short, even when you're waiting, you're in the right place at Pianos Maene!