Why does Pianos Maene place "Play Me I'm Yours" pianos in airports and trains stations?

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Pianos Maene started with the "Play Me I'm Yours" concept back in the 1990s. The idea was to give everyone the opportunity to play the piano, to make it as accessible as possible for the public. This is entirely in line with our mission: "to share our passion and inspire people to play the piano"!

Piano Maene Luchthaven

The concept is fairly simple: our Doutreligne pianos and grand pianos are set up temporarily or even permanently in places where many people pass by. Music then not only eases the waiting, it also creates a more enjoyable atmosphere.

Places like train stations, airports, hospitals, shopping centres, libraries, city parks, and so on. The piano is a robust instrument, which passers-by may happily play: 'No touching' is out of the question, so to speak. And the instrument gets so much respect from passers-by that few, if any, problems or vandalism are observed.

On the contrary: hundreds of pianists play there every day, from amateur pianists to professionals who happen to pass by. They often provide unforgettable moments. Look at all the YouTube videos that go viral, sometimes showing entire musical groups or choirs giving an "on the spot" performance before taking the train or plane.

Piano luchthaven Zaventem Maene

Several pianos are permanently set up at the Belgian airports of Zaventem and Charleroi. Maybe you already saw them, or played on one yourself.

Pianos Maene Netherlands is also continuing the Maene tradition, having instruments travelling through the various shopping centres in the country.

As is tradition, Belgian railways SNCB is also planning a piano tour through the various train stations in 2024. Moreover, there is a competition attached to it, where you can win a piano!

Piano treinstation Brugge Maene

The new tour starts at Bruges Station, and continues across the country to Brussels Central Station.

Find more info on the SNCB website (see link below). Express yourself musically, film yourself at the piano and who knows, you might be the winner of the piano that Pianos Maene donates in collaboration with SNCB.

Are you a public or private institution with a lot of passers-by every day? Can the piano be a musical asset to your institution? Are you interested in temporarily installing a "Play Me I'm Yours" piano?

Then be sure to contact us!