Why we plant a tree for every piano we sell

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Pianos Maene plants a tree for every piano sold with the organisation WeForest. This way, we contribute to restoring sustainable forest & protecting habitat for vulnerable wildlife in Brazil, in one of the world's most valuable forest areas. Read why this is important here!


The piano - a sustainable product

A piano is an exceptionally durable product. Pianos last several generations and bring relaxation, pleasure (and the necessary challenge) to our lives. Music, and therefore the piano, makes us human. Even before we built houses or cultivated fields, we were making primitive musical instruments. The piano is the ultimate instrument that brings together two deeply human desires: our will to build, create and innovate with the desire to make music and express ourselves.

Sitka spruce

Wood: a sustainable resource

No piano without wood - we don't need to explain that. But did you know that wood is actually a very sustainable resource? Trees grow by taking CO2 from the air and storing it. If you then use that wood to make a product, the CO2 remains stored. Afterwards, you can still use the wood as fuel, and the CO2 is released back into the air - to feed new trees. So wood is fully circular - provided it is sustainably harvested, of course.

wildlife corridor

Despite our efforts, forests globally are not doing well. Every year, thousands of hectares of forest still disappear, mainly for industrial agriculture, such as oil palm or soybean cultivation. Our primary forests are very important for storing CO2 and keeping our planet cool. They are also home to most of our biodiversity.

We partner with WeForest, an organisation that restores fragile forests around the world. We fund one tree per piano sold, which is planted in a "wildlife corridor" in Brazil. These strips of planted forest restore cleared forest and provide a link between large areas of primeval forest, which is very important to protect biodiversity in the region.

Music helps us get through anything - but not the climate crisis. We are always looking ahead, and we believe that by doing our part, we contribute to a livable & musical future for all.