The new Yamaha Clavinova CLP-800 series: continuing the tradition

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For over 40 years, Yamaha has been one of the leading names in the world of digital pianos. In 1983, Yamaha introduced the first Clavinova CLP series, a milestone that paved the way for further innovations. Today, Yamaha continues to set the standard for high-quality digital pianos. They prove this once again with the launch of the Clavinova CLP-800 series. Curious to learn more? Discover more in this blog!

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-795GP

Digital never felt so grand

Yamaha has always had a clear mission with the Clavinova CLP line: to make the piano experience of a real grand piano as authentic and realistic as possible. Drawing on over 120 years of expertise in acoustic pianos, Yamaha seamlessly integrates this with the latest technological developments.

While the Clavinova CVP and CSP series focus on additional features and musical entertainment, the CLP pianos are all about the essence of piano playing. This is once again evident in the new CLP-800 series, where every detail has been refined to perfect the quality of the keyboard and sound reproduction.

Yamaha Clavinova GrandTouch keyboard

GrandTouch klavier

The Yamaha GrandTouch keyboards of the CLP-800 series are designed to replicate the feel of playing on a grand piano as accurately as possible. The keys are covered with synthetic ivory and ebony, providing a highly absorbent effect that reduces the likelihood of playing errors. Additionally, the keyboards are equipped with an escapement (let-off) mechanism, just like a real acoustic piano.

The GrandTouch-S keyboard (found in the CLP-825, CLP-835, CLP-845, and CLP-865GP) responds faster than ever thanks to further optimization of the hammer weights. While the CLP-825 and CLP-835 have a synthetic keyboard, the CLP-845 offers a keyboard with wooden keys for more responsiveness and control.

The GrandTouch keyboard (found in the CLP-875, CLP-885, and CLP-895GP) features longer keys that provide the pianist with more leverage, resulting in better dynamic control. Each key is linearly graded, simulating the feel of a real grand piano even more accurately. The CLP-885 is also equipped with counterweights in the keys, allowing them to return to their position more quickly, which enhances control and playability, especially when playing pianissimo with a light touch.

Grand Acoustic Imaging

Improved speaker system and sound reproduction

The Clavinova CLP models have traditionally been known for their powerful speaker system, which delivers rich and natural sound reproduction. To further enhance this experience, Yamaha has optimized the placement, direction, and volume balance of the speakers in the CLP-800 series. Additionally, diffusers, waveguides, and bidirectional horns have been added to improve sound reflection and reverberation in the room. Thanks to this Grand Acoustic Imaging technology, you, as the pianist, are fully immersed in the same sound experience as playing a grand piano.

The Virtual Resonance Modeling technology uniquely reproduces the sound and resonance of a real grand piano. This technology takes into account all interactions within the instrument, such as the vibration of the strings, the soundboard, the body of the piano, and the sounds of the dampers and pedals.

Binaural Sampling

With the Grand Expression Modeling technology, the impact of the pianist's playing technique on sound reproduction is accurately simulated. Just like with an acoustic piano, the intensity and speed of the keystrokes create an infinite variety of sound, adding an extra dimension to the musical experience.

Binaural Sampling ensures an optimal musical experience when using headphones. Thanks to this technology, a three-dimensional sound is produced, making it seem as though the sound is coming directly from the piano itself when playing with headphones.

Yamaha CFX Concert Grand

Samples of world-famous concert grand pianos

Just like the previous series, the new CLP-800 series features samples from two world-famous concert grand pianos. The Yamaha CFX concert grand is characterized by its bright and expressive sound, while the Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand has a more charming and warm tone. By combining sampling and physical modeling, the sounds are very natural and expressive. All 88 keys were meticulously sampled, allowing the harmonious nuances of the instruments to be fully appreciated.

Additionally, the CLP-800 series introduces two new acoustic piano sounds: Chill Out Piano and Lo-Fi Piano.

The fortepiano samples are identical to those of the CLP-700 series: Scarlatti, Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin pianos.

Yamaha Smart Pianist App

Design en extras

The CLP-800 series pianos feature a timeless and classic design with soft curves that give them a warm and open feel, making it seem as though you are playing a grand piano. The wide music stand is not only functional but also provides space to place multiple sheets of music.

In the more advanced models, the LED display on the control panel automatically turns off when not in use, blending seamlessly into the piano's design. This allows pianists to fully concentrate on playing without distractions.

The new Volume Limiter function allows users to set a maximum volume level to prevent hearing damage, which is especially useful for children who might accidentally set the volume too high.

Use music apps on your Bluetooth device to play songs through the Clavinova's speakers or even play along. You can also connect wirelessly to the instrument using Yamaha's Smart Pianist app. The Smart Pianist app can be downloaded for free for use on tablets and smartphones. The application offers a user-friendly graphical interface and many additional features for smooth use of your Yamaha Clavinova.


With the Clavinova CLP-800 series, Yamaha continues its tradition by focusing on the ultimate piano experience. Yamaha remains faithful to musicality and stability, with subtle refinements and improvements in sound and playing feel. Despite the absence of dramatic innovations, the Yamaha CLP-800 series still belongs to the top tier of digital pianos.

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