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Le Kawai K600 ATX4 est un piano droit acoustique équipé d’un système d’acoustique silencieuse, plus exactement le AnyTimeX 4 System de Kawai. L’avantage du système ATX4, est qu’il permet de jouer en silence, tout en gardant le touché d’un vrai piano. Les pianos hybrides et les pianos à queue AnyTimeX 4 de Kawai associent la maîtrise de l'artisanat du piano acoustique aux technologies avancées du piano numérique. Les pianistes peuvent étudier de nouveaux morceaux avec une variété de sons différents, utiliser le métronome intégré, faire des enregistrements ou jouer des chansons via la fonction audio Bluetooth. Grâce à l'application PianoRemote, vous pouvez contrôler le système ATX4 très facilement via un smartphone ou une tablette.

Informations générales

134 cm
153 cm
65 cm
280 kg

Spécifications techniques

Touches blancs
Touches noires
Têtes de marteau
Bois d'acajou
Millennium III (ABS Carbon)
Table d'harmonie
Bois d'épicéa massif
Duplex scaling
1-51 key
Pédale de sostenuto
Capteurs sur marteaux
Capteurs sous clavier
Nombre de voix
Bluetooth audio
Bluetooth MIDI
Line out
Line in
USB to host
USB to device
MIDI in/out
PianoRemote app

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Analogue action, digital world

The AnyTimeX 4 hybrid instruments blend Kawai’s masterful acoustic piano craftsmanship with advanced digital piano technologies. Each piano begins with the solid foundation of Kawai’s award-winning upright and grand pianos, offering class-leading features such as the Millennium III action, considered to be the world’s finest upright and piano actions.
Equipped with Kawai’s most advanced digital and sound technologies, AnyTimeX 4 instruments are also premium digital pianos that can be played silently with headphones. Players can practice new pieces in silence using a variety of high quality sounds, use the built-in metronome then record their performance, or play along with tracks from a Bluetooth-connected smart device.

Integrated Hammer Sensing System

The AnyTimeX 4 pianos’ precise hammer movements are measured with Kawai’s Integrated Hammer Sensing System (IHSS), which utilises high-resolution contact-less optical sensors to provide greater accuracy then conventional key-based sensor systems. This more advanced approach reproduces the mechanical flow of the upright and grand pianos’ actions more closely, allowing the full range of dynamics to be expressed by the instrument’s powerful digital piano sound engine with natural fluency.

Shigeru Kawai SK-EX full concert grand

The Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano was conceived as the next step in evolving the art of the piano. Earning a reputation as the ‘premier piano of Japan,’ it graces the stages of concert halls and musical institutions around the globe, receiving universal acclaim for its exceptional clarity and dynamic range.  The SK-EX has frequently been selected by professional pianists at such prestigious events as the Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Rubinstein international piano competitions.  With its magnificent tone and wonderfully responsive touch, the SK-EX can best be described with one word – incomparable.

Flagship Digital Piano Sound Engine

The AnyTimeX 4 instruments incorporate Kawai’s latest digital piano sound technologies from the highly regarded Concert Artist and Novus product lines. When playing through headphones, pianists can enjoy the beautiful sound of the flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX full concert grand piano, stunningly reproduced using the advanced SK-EX Rendering sound engine.

Rich sound selection

Supplementing the beautiful acoustic piano voices, the AnyTimeX 4 pianos digital sound engine also features an excellent selection of additional instruments, ranging from electric pianos and drawbar or church organs, to strings, human choirs, and synth pads, inviting musicians to add greater variety to their performances. Furthermore, the Dual playing mode also allows two different sounds, such as grand piano and strings, to be layered together for a richer, more luscious tone, while the Split and Four Hands modes divide the keyboard into two independent sections with separate sounds for each. The volume balances and other settings for each playing mode can also be easily adjusted using the dedicated PianoRemote app.

Modern Bluetooth connectivity

Designed to meet the connectivity needs of modern pianists, AnyTimeX 4 pianos feature standard USB and MIDI jacks for connecting to computers or other instruments, as well as Bluetooth MIDI and Audio technology that allows wireless communication with supported smart devices. Once paired to a phone, tablet, or laptop, AnyTimeX 4 owners can enjoy a wide variety of exciting music-related apps that enhance their studying and playing experiences, or stream high quality audio directly through the instruments’ headphones without the need for any cables.

PianoRemote control app

The digital features of AnyTimeX 4 pianos are exclusively controlled via the Kawai PianoRemote app, available for both iOS and Android devices. PianoRemote provides a range of functions, including sound selection and customisation via the Virtual Technician feature, performance record and playback with integrated metronome, and a built-in piano music library consisting of hundreds of classical pieces to enjoy – all accessible from an attractive, intuitive user interface.

Excellent headphone sound quality

The AnyTimeX 4 pianos’ Spatial Headphone Sound (SHS) technology enhances the depth and realism of the instrument’s digital piano sound when listening through headphones or earphones. The player can select one of three different acoustic presets that adjust the spatial positioning of the sound, while also helping to reduce auditory fatigue when using earphones or headphones for extended periods of time. In addition to featuring a premium quality headphone amplifier, AnyTimeX 4 instruments also allow players to specify the type of headphones connected (Open, Semi-open, Closed, In-Ear, Canal, etc.) to ensure an optimal listening experience.

GP Touch Muting System (Grand piano's only)

The latest AnyTimeX 4 grand piano instruments utilise Kawai's brand new GP Touch Muting System. This technology features a significantly improved hammer stop rail system that is able to accurately halt the action's hammer movement immediately before striking the strings, without the need to make special adjustments to let-off position or timing.This unique design allows pianists to play AnyTimeX 4 grand pianos with exactly the same level of effortless fluency as their standard acoustic counterparts in both normal and muted playing modes, while also enjoying a wide range of convenient and inspiring digital features.

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