Exclusive Kawai K350 'Maene Edition' at Piano's Maene

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Piano's Maene was one of the first distributors of Kawai in Europe and has been distributing Kawai pianos in various price ranges since 1960. Thanks to their longstanding excellent collaboration, Piano's Maene and Kawai have joined forces for a special edition to celebrate Piano's Maene's 85th anniversary.

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Kawai K350 'Maene edition'

Limited 'Maene edition'

Piano's Maene has long been the largest Kawai piano dealer in Europe, enabling unique collaboration projects. The Kawai K350 'Maene edition' is being temporarily offered as a limited edition, with only 85 units available to celebrate Piano's Maene's 85th anniversary.

For this limited edition, Piano's Maene is also offering a €1,000 cashback benefit. So, be quick to secure your unique piece!

Kawai hammer heads

Quality and durability

The Kawai K350 is an enhanced version of the popular K300, partly due to the use of an action mechanism with wooden components. The use of wood enhances the resonance and warmth of the piano sound, qualities appreciated by pianists for the natural feel and responsiveness of wooden parts, which can sometimes be lacking in synthetic materials.

The K350 stands 122 cm tall and features a soundboard made of solid spruce with straight grains, meticulously selected to meet high-quality standards. The hammer heads are crafted from mahogany with a double felt layer. The keyboard is developed in Kawai's factories in Hamamatsu, Japan, providing excellent control and responsiveness.

Kawai K350 soundboard

Unique design with black accents

As a special edition, the piano has visually received some striking accents. The matte black soundboard and the high-gloss black frame, combined with silver-colored hardware, give the instrument a unique and refined appearance that perfectly complements any interior.

Kawai K350 conclusion


Both musically and in terms of design, the Kawai K350 can compete with the best acoustic pianos in the mid-range segment. It's an excellent all-around piano suitable for both advanced and beginner pianists, featuring a unique and stylish design.

Curious? Come by soon to listen to the instrument or try it out yourself at one of our 9 stores, or order it directly from our online shop!