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The Kawai K350 'Maene edition' is an upgraded version of the Kawai K300, specially developed in collaboration with Kawai to celebrate the 85th anniversary of Piano's Maene. With a height of 122 cm, this piano offers a fuller and richer sound compared to the K15 and K200. The K350 features a mechanism made from durable wooden components. The matte black soundboard and high-gloss black frame, combined with silver-colored hardware, give the instrument a unique and refined look that fits perfectly in any interior.

General information

122 cm
150 cm
58 cm
220 kg

Technical specifications

White keys
Black keys
Wooden parts
Solid spruce
Duplex scaling
Sostenuto pedal
Silent option
Number of pedals

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Tapered solid spruce soundboard

The soundboard is the heart of a piano, converting the vibrations of the piano strings into a rich and full piano sound. Kawai exclusively uses straight-grained solid spruce for the soundboard of the K-series pianos. Each soundboard of Kawai is tapered to optimize sound projection. All soundboards must meet high-quality standards and undergo strict selection.

Mahogany hammers with double felt layers

Mahogany hammers are lightweight and highly sensitive, used in all Kawai K-series pianos. Each hammer features an additional felt inner layer to enhance the creation of an exceptional tone.

Wooden action

A piano action with wooden components enhances the resonance and warmth of the piano sound, contributing to a richer tone. Additionally, wooden parts are durable and stable, enduring the demands of piano playing without distortion. Pianists also appreciate the natural feel and responsiveness of wooden components, allowing for subtle nuances in touch that synthetic materials may not replicate. Finally, the use of wood contributes to the traditional craftsmanship quality of pianos, with each part meticulously selected and shaped for optimal performance and reliability.

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