Piano rental

Looking for a piano for beginners? Are you just starting to play the piano? Then you can also rent a piano. Via this simple and risk-free rental formula, we provide you with a high-quality acoustic rental piano, digital (electric) rental piano or even silent rental piano. And all that for as little as €49 per month. Moreover, you can deduct part of your rental fee if you later purchase a permanent instrument.

Een piano huren bij Piano's Maene België

Comfortable and affordable

A grand piano or upright piano, acoustic, silent or digital after all? As a beginner, it is not always easy to decide right away which instrument you need.

Renting a piano is an affordable and easy way to take your first steps. Moreover, after renting, you can enjoy recuperation, which allows you to deduct part of your rent when buying a new instrument.

How does it work?

  • You can conclude your contract online or at our showrooms. If you conclude your contract online, you will also automatically fill in a direct debit mandate. That way, the monthly payment is made automatically! We will contact you within 48 hours to agree on a delivery date.

  • You can choose between different types: digital, acoustic and silent-acoustic.

    We always supply high-quality pianos by Yamaha, Kawai, Roland, Doutreligne and Petrus Ypma- excellent brands. Renting out a good, durable piano is also in our interest! Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer a choice.

  • After you sign the contract, we will contact you as soon as possible to fix your delivery date.

    Ground floor

    An unimpeded delivery and collection on the ground floor is free of charge.

    On floor

    If we have to deliver a piano to the first or second floor, you will pay a flat rate of 150 euros for the delivery, and another 150 euros for the collection if we can deliver using our own gear. If the delivery is exceptionally hard (weird angles, no place to place our crane, no window large enough), we'll contact a qualified moving firm and send you their offer.

    Digital pianos can sometimes be carried up the stairs. In that case we charge a supplement of 25 euros per floor.

    In other situations we will check with our piano movers. Then we will send you a proposal based on photos and measurements.

  • You rent for as long as you want, with a minimum of 6 months. After that you can terminate your contract each month. If you want us to pick up your piano earlier, just pay for the 6 months. Simple!

  • You pay 2 months rent deposit and the first month's rent at the start of the contract.
    After that, you pay the fixed amount of rent every month by direct debit or standing order. 
    When you have your piano picked up again or you buy another piano, you get your deposit back!

  • At the start of your rental, you don't yet have to decide which brand or model you want. If you decide afterwards that you want to continue playing, you can choose any new (or second-hand) piano from our large offer. So you are not tied to your rental piano and enjoy maximum flexibility. 

    What's more: if you buy a piano worth 3600 euros or more, you can recover up to 12 months' rent for half. So you can combine the recovery of rental money with the discount for immediate purchase. 

    If you would rather rent a specific model and make it your own after some time, you can consider our Leasing formula

  • If you rent a piano, you can recoup half your rent up to 12 months if you purchase a piano of at least 3600 euros net. So you will still get a nice discount when buying your new or second-hand piano.

    This does not mean that you buy your piano in instalments. For that, there is our leasing plan.

    Lease a piano

Our rental pianos

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