Atelier Chris Maene

The "Chris Maene" workshop is world-renowned for its knowledge and expertise regarding the construction of pianoforte replica and its own Chris Maene Straight Strung concert grand pianos. We also specialize in the restoration and overhaul of valuable pianos and grand pianos. As an official Steinway & Sons dealer for Belgium and the Netherlands, we perform 100% authentic restorations, according to the rules of the art, with original Steinway parts. More information about the restoration of pianos and grand pianos can be found here.

For repairs of all acoustic pianos, you have come to the right place at Piano's Maene. We have more than 25 piano tuners and technicians, in Belgium and the Netherlands, who have all received specialized internal and external training. They are also trained in performing minor repairs, which can often be combined with an on-site tuning. For major repairs, your instrument will be picked up and taken care of in our own Piano Technical Workshop.


Piano's Maene disposes of a professional, fully equipped polishing and painting department, through which a piece of furniture in polyester finish can be perfectly restored to look like new again. For older pianos and grand pianos, Piano's Maene also applies old finishing techniques, such as French polishing and shellac.

How to proceed if you want to have your acoustic piano restored?

If you bought your instrument at Piano's Maene and the manufacturer's warranty is still valid, please visit this page. If your instrument is no longer under factory warranty or if you bought it elsewhere, you can contact our service department at or 051 49 02 37. Our service staff will make an estimate based on photos and will give you the right advice on whether or not to repair your instrument. If necessary, an on-site expertise of the instrument will be performed. That way, you can make a responsible choice, to be sure that the cost of the repair still outweighs the value of your instrument.

Repair digital pianos

Digital pianos

You can contact Pianos Maene for repairs of all digital pianos of which we are distributor ourselves (Doutreligne, Kawai, Yamaha, Roland and Nord). Most instruments can be repaired at home. Stage pianos are in most cases repaired in our workshop.

If you bought your instrument at Piano's Maene and the factory warranty is still valid, you will find more information on this page.

If your instrument is no longer under factory warranty or if you bought it elsewhere, you can immediately use the Digital piano repair form. This allows us to guarantee a quick and smooth follow-up. 


Showroom digital pianos

Is it (still) worth repairing my digital piano?

Unlike acoustic pianos, digital pianos have a much shorter lifespan. While acoustic pianos last 40 to 60 years on average, a digital piano is usually limited to 15 to 20 years. A well-maintained, better quality digital piano will last an average of 8 to 15 years, depending on how intensively it is played. It is inevitable that wear and tear will occur in certain areas. On the other hand, we sometimes see digital pianos that are 25 to 30 years old that still work perfectly.

Moreover, the technology of digital pianos is developing very quickly. New models are constantly coming out with improvements and more features. As a result, digital pianos lose their value much faster than acoustic pianos.

Thus, taking into account the lifespan and rapid development of digital piano technology, you should always ask yourself whether it is still worthwhile to have complex repairs done. Because very often the cost of the repair is too high compared to the value of the instrument. So sometimes it is much more interesting to make the switch to a new digital piano. On the basis of the form Digital piano repair, we will gladly give you the right advice about whether or not to repair your instrument.