PIANO ROUND! - We celebrate 900 years of Utrecht with 9 special pianos!

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To celebrate 900 years of Utrecht ZIMIHC, Catching Cultures Orchestra and Pianos Maene join forces for a special performance.


Within the programme of "Rondje Singel", you can enjoy "Rondje Piano" on Sunday 11 September from 1 to 4 pm on the Stationsplein under the bulb roof. 900 years of Utrecht, 9 pianos and more than 9 cultures. Pianist Ruben Drenthe will play the nine different pianos together with members of the Utrecht Catching Cultures Orchestra including Mohamad Alsamna on Ud, Michiel Slaats on trumpet, Ibrahim Khano on derbouka and Hamed Alshaabi on ney.


Find out all about the 9 instruments on stage below....

Steinway & Sons D-274

Steinway & Sons D-274

Steinway & Sons is THE reference among pianos. This should come as no surprise, because since its foundation in 1853, Steinway has developed more than 120 patents on piano construction. Many of the techniques Steinway launched still belong to the standard of contemporary piano construction. Therefore, during Rondje Piano, a Steinway & Sons D-274 concert grand piano cannot be missed. 98% of major concert halls worldwide rely on this type of Steinway for their concerts. The grand piano is 274 cm long and has an extremely rich and full sound. The instrument was made entirely by hand in Hamburg. Pianos Maene is the official distributor for Steinway & Sons in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Pleyel 1843

Pleyel from 1843

Although Erard was the largest piano manufacturer in Paris, Ignace Pleyel's instruments were preferred by Frédéric Chopin. In December 1842, Ignace Pleyel built two seven-octave concert pianos. The oldest surviving instrument is the piano with number 9872, dated 1843. This instrument is classified as a "Monument Historique" in France. In 2007, Chris Maene was able to buy an identical instrument for the collection in his museum. The purchased instrument has the number 9861, also from 1843. For the Chopin Year in 2010, Chris Maene decided to make an exact copy of this instrument, also called "the Chopin piano". The instrument is now part of the collection of more than 300 historical instruments. The instrument symbolises the transition from the pianoforte to the modern grand piano.

Chris Maene 284 concertvleugel

Chris Maene CM//284 Concert Grand

This grand piano is unique in contemporary piano manufacturing. The instrument is a modern grand piano that uses a principle that was the standard before 1859. The strings lie parallel to each other and not crossed as most pianos are built today. The result is a sound that is more transparent and has more different registers, but at the same time it has the volume, stability and playing comfort of a modern grand piano. The first instrument was commissioned by Daniel Barenboim. Meanwhile, Chris Maene's workshop is building a whole family of small to large models. There is even a special ergonomic grand piano with curved keyboard developed in collaboration with top architect Rafael Viñoly.

Graffiti grand piano - Doutreligne

We gave graffiti artist Amtyone carte blanche to do his thing with a Doutreligne grand piano. The result is an unusual grand piano that features messages inviting passers-by to play the piano. Amtyone (aka Gauthier) has been a graffiti artist for more than 25 years. In the video, you can see how he went about his work... The Doutreligne grand pianos themselves are built by Pianos Maene. The instruments aim to offer maximum quality at an affordable price.

Steinway & Sons V-125

Steinway & Sons V-125 piano

Steinway & Sons is undoubtedly the most well-known piano builder in the world. What is less known is that they build not only grand pianos, but also upright pianos. These instruments are built with the same care, high-quality materials and concepts as the grand pianos. The impressive thing is that they often sound better than some grand pianos! The current generation of Steinway pianos is equipped with a new kind of pedal that allows you to play more quietly without sacrificing sound quality: Dolce Pedal.

Doutreligne 7 Design

Doutreligne 7 Design grand piano

The Atelier Chris Maene has been building top-quality instruments for decades. In 2004, the range was expanded to include its own accessible piano line with an optimal price-quality ratio. The new range was named Doutreligne, named after Zulma Doutreloigne - Chris Maene's mother.

Within the Doutreligne piano family, there is also a unique design grand piano: the Doutreligne 7. Doutreligne 7 combines thorough simplicity with pure elegance. Lines are reduced to their essence to enhance the piano's character. With its angled legs, the piano kneels invitingly in front of the pianist. The piano was awarded the Henry van de Velde label. The grand pianos exist as Color Label or Black Label.

Doutreligne Master D132

Doutreligne Master D132

Doutreligne is an excellent choice for lovers of the typical European piano sound - at a competitive price. Besides the entry-level models, there is also a "Master" series. These instruments include a Kluge keyboard and Renner action. Kluge and Renner are both German manufacturers of keyboards and actions respectively. They build actions for Steinway and other piano builders and are among the world's top manufacturers. The Doutreligne Master series consists of grand pianos and upright pianos.

Nord Grand

Nord Grand

You can't miss it. Nord's bright red colour always stands out when you see the instruments on a stage. When developing the Nord Stage, Hans Nordelius had a simple wish in mind. Often musicians had to lug along three instruments: an (e-)piano, a synth and an organ (e.g. Hammond). The Nord Stage united all these instrument in one. A few years later, this Nord Grand followed where the keyboard is more like that of a real piano. These instruments excel in particular because of their unlimited possibilities in terms of sound and tone shaping. For instance, you can start from a sine wave, which you then transform into an impressive sound.

Yamaha Avant Grand N3X

Yamaha Avant Grand N3X

Of course, this round-up of pianos cannot fail to include a digital piano. In the past decade, digital pianos have evolved tremendously. For instance, there are digital pianos with a full piano keyboard (hybrid instruments). The movement of the hammers and keys are measured optically. These instruments therefore feel identical to an acoustic piano.

The Yamaha Avant Grand series has a unique approach to reproducing the sound of an acoustic grand piano. When recording the original sounds of a specially selected concert grand piano, Yamaha engineers took samples from four different locations near the soundboard: left, right, centre and back. Compared to conventional recordings with left and right channels (stereo), this gives beautifully rich and authentic results.

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