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Discover the latest addition to Piano's Maene's range: digital pianos from the renowned Japanese brand Casio. Learn more about why Casio plays an important role in the piano world as a piano brand in our recent blog post!

Casio VL1 Calculator - keyboard Pianos Maene

On calculators, digital watches and keyboards

Casio, a name known to many for its calculators and digital watches, has a rich history in electronics, technology and music. Anyone who attended high school in the 1980s and 1990s most likely used a Casio scientific calculator. But it was also during that period that Casio took its first steps into the world of music. With the VL1, the first calculator that was also a mini-piano, they surprised the music world. The pop song "Da Da Da" by the German group "Trio," used the instrument's distinctive rhythm patterns and made the worldwide young and hip crowd want to buy such a "thing." At the same time followed the first keyboards, keyboards that made it easy to learn to play all kinds of songs with automatic accompaniments. And then Casio introduced some popular synthesizers such as the CZ1 and CZ101. In the 1990s, their first digital pianos were also brought to market



Young child playing Casio Keyboard - Pianos Maene

Casio focused primarily on budget and affordability in those early years, introducing hundreds of thousands of young people worldwide to the keyboard.  By often marketing their keyboards through electronics stores and large supermarkets, they provided low-threshold access to making music. At the time, this got a lot of young people playing music, but it also somewhat tarnished Casio's image : It made Casio associated with cheap and mediocre.

But Casio has long since shaken off this image : Meanwhile, Casio is considered a premium piano brand. An A-brand that can perfectly compete with the other 3 big Japanese brands Yamaha, Roland and Kawai. Because yes, Casio is also of Japanese origin

Casio Grand Hybrid technology - Pianos Maene

Technological innovation : the road to quality

Over the past 3 decades, Casio has undergone a remarkable shift. The company has made significant investments in research and development, leading to groundbreaking technological advances in digital pianos.

One of the most significant breakthroughs was the development of the "AiR Sound Source" (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator), a technology that enables digital pianos to accurately mimic the sound of traditional acoustic pianos. These technological advances have taken Casio's instruments to another level of quality.

In addition to advances in sound technology, Casio has also made significant efforts to improve keyboard mechanics. Keyboard mechanics are essential for mimicking an acoustic piano's playing feel and response. By using advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, they have succeeded in creating keyboard mechanisms that come ever closer to the playing feel of an acoustic piano. This includes the use of weighted keys with an authentic hammer mechanism, allowing pianists to experience similar feedback when pressing the keys. The ultimate icing on the cake was the collaboration with German acoustic piano manufacturer, C. Bechstein, to design a premium mechanism for their top line of digital pianos. 



Casio Piano Artists - Pianos Maene

Collaboration with top musicians and artists

Another factor that has contributed to Casio's transformation into a premium piano brand is its co-creation with leading musicians and artists. By collaborating with professional pianists and incorporating their feedback into the design process, Casio has gained a deeper understanding of musicians' needs on various levels. This has led to the development of pianos that are not only technologically advanced, but also meet the requirements and expectations of experienced pianists.

Casio Piano Privia - Yellow - Pianos Maene

Expanding the product range : Privia, Celviano and Grand Hybrid

As Casio's reputation has grown, the brand has also expanded its product range to meet musicians' different needs and preferences. From portable models,designer models to luxury furniture, Casio now offers a wide range of options for piano lovers of every musical level. Models are categorized into three ranges:

1. Casio Privia Series:

The Privia series is known for its slim and portable designs, making them ideal for both home use and performances on the road. This series of "well portable pianos" targets a broad group of players, from beginners to advanced players, and offers an excellent combination of affordability, quality, and functionality. The Privia series stands out for its striking and minimalist design and highly intuitive operation.



Casio Grand Hybrid - Pianos Maene

2. Casio Celviano Series:

Casio's Celviano series offers a more luxurious and premium playing experience, aimed at pianists who are forward-thinking and lovers of high-quality instruments. This series combines advanced technology with elegant design, making them a complement to any interior. Casio Celviano pianos feature advanced keyboard mechanics and sound technologies, including multiple sensors and resonance simulation, to provide an exceptionally realistic playing feel and sound.

3. Casio Grand Hybrid Series:

The Grand Hybrid series represents the pinnacle of Casio's expertise in digital pianos, with a unique combination of digital technology and traditional craftsmanship. Developed in collaboration with renowned piano brand C. Bechstein, this series uses their German piano engineering combined with Casio's advanced digital technology. 

Casio Piano Privia Pianos Maene

Why does Piano's Maene also choose Casio ?

As the N° 1 piano specialist in Europe, Piano's Maene wants to be synonymous for a range that offers the best of the market in each price segment, with the highest possible quality. We want to propose the best fitting instrument for each pianist who comes to us, beginner to advanced.

With the brands Yamaha, Kawai and Roland we already had 3 important A-brands in our offer. Casio can also be counted among these A-brands for several years now, and - due to the often subtle differences and unique features - it has attracted its audience of musicians and pianists. Therefore, the Maene colleagues were eager to embrace and include this brand in the range as well. We are convinced that with the addition of this unique brand, we will be able to offer an even more diverse range in the different price segments, thus responding even better to customer needs. We invested in training our piano consultants, product knowledge and service for the new brand so that we can share our perfect Maene customer service here as well.

From Casio to Steinway, you'll find the whole piano spectrum only at Pianos Maene ! 

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