Order in the store

Piano's Maene has 6 physical stores. All practical information can be found here. During your visit, our piano consultants are at your disposal for advice and demonstrations of the instruments. You also get the opportunity to try out the instruments and compare them with each other. If you are convinced of your choice, the piano consultant will prepare the order with you on the spot. You will receive a signed order confirmation or rental contract and practical arrangements will immediately be made regarding the payment and delivery of your piano.

Order via the webshop

Order via the webshop

An instrument or accessory can be ordered on the product page via the green Add to Cart button. Instruments that qualify for the leasing formula can also be ordered on the product page via the green Leasing button. If you wish to rent a piano, you can do so through the Rent a piano page. Then you can click through on the shopping cart at the top right of the page and go through all the steps to complete the order.

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Order by phone, email or webchat

It is also always possible to place your order remotely. In that case we ask you to provide your name, address, contact details and the instrument or accessories of your choice. You can do this by phone, email or web chat. You will then receive the order confirmation or rental contract via e-mail. To complete the order, we simply ask that you mail this document back signed. Payment can then easily be made via bank transfer. The payment details are listed on the order confirmation or rental contract.

Webshop order modification or cancellation:
If your ordered instrument or accessory has not been shipped yet, you can always contact our customer service to adjust or cancel the order if necessary. When your webshop order has already been delivered, you can still rely on the return policy.