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You've cut the knot, you've decided on a grand piano! A dream that many people have and not everyone can realise. At least - that's how it seems sometimes. Many people do not realise that there are also good compact grand pianos for sale, and they are often less expensive than you might think! But how do you know for sure if a grand piano will fit?

- Written by Rutger Klaaijsen

Waar plaats ik een vleugel?

Many customers who come to look for a grand piano have no idea where they will place the instrument. Often, customers do know in which room the instrument will be placed, but that is all. It is important to give this some thought beforehand. How much space do I have exactly? And where am I planning to place the piano?

Vleugel formaat

How big is a grand piano?

In terms of length, the smallest size is 150 cm and the largest is 284 cm. The grand pianos are almost all the same width, around 155 cm. The piano also has a curve. From the right there is a small straight part before the first curve. The length of this is about 80 cm. The height is often 100 to 105 cm.

To summarise: the height, width and the first curve, starting at the front right, are often the same for different brands. The length varies per model and brand. Easy, right?

Digitaal de ruimte meten

Measure twice cut once

Do not underestimate the importance of measuring. You do want the grand piano to fit in the house in the end. There are different ways to measure a grand piano in a room.


Floor plan

Make a map (to scale) of the room with everything in it. Draw the grand piano on another sheet and cut it out. Then fit and measure. Sometimes a table has to be moved to make room for the piano. Does it not fit? Just get rid of the table! You will only sit behind your beautiful new grand piano anyway.


Digital measuring

There are apps that allow you to measure by digital augmentation, a way of virtually placing objects in the desired space to see if they fit. With these apps you can measure if the piano will fit. This app is standard on every recent iPhone and is often called Measure. There are also other apps that can do the same. Type in the word measure in an app shop and you will find dozens of variants. It gives a good idea of how big the grand piano is. On the picture you can see how I roughly measured a Steinway A-188.

Steinway & Sons Template

Floor template

Steinway & Sons has been doing it for years. Passing along a paper outline of a specific model to customers. You could also make this yourself from a large piece of paper or cardboard.

There is a lot of measuring, drawing and cutting involved, but it is certainly a good solution. If you are interested in a Steinway grand piano, you can also request a template from their website.

Where not to place a grand piano?

Sometimes there is not much choice when it comes to positioning a grand piano. That is okay! But always try to take the following points into account as much as possible:

  • As little direct sunlight as possible
  • Avoid heating, stoves and radiators
  • Do not put the grand piano in a draught

For more information on these points, please read our blog on air humidity.

Vleugel in de huiskamer/living


Perhaps the most fun part of installing a grand piano! Where will the grand piano sound best? First of all, you should think about the acoustics of the room where you want to place the grand piano. You have probably stood in an empty room without curtains. Every sound you make reflects in all directions.

You can probably imagine that a grand piano in an empty, unfurnished room does not usually sound very nice. Generally speaking, this does not happen very often. Your room is probably lined with curtains and/or furniture that absorb sound and make a room sound a lot more pleasant. So furnishing your living room is very often enough to get a very nice sounding room.

The floor also plays a major role. Wooden and concrete floors can resonate. Hard finishes such as tiled floors reflect sound too strongly. Carpet and floor covering are your best friend. With furniture and carpets as absorbers, you can play with the acoustics of a room.

Nowadays you see many industrially built houses with a lot of concrete and steel and minimalistic interiors. Often the acoustics are not optimal to have a normal conversation, let alone play the piano in! Then you can consider strategically placing some absorption panels. Some manufacturers offer very nice solutions for this, which can be perfectly integrated in your interior. A small extra cost, but one that makes the investment in your instrument much more profitable!

Zoek een prachtig plekje voor je nieuwe Vleugel!

Find a beautiful spot for your new grand piano!

The placement of a grand piano is a lot of fun. It may be something you have been dreaming of for years and finally the dream comes true.

When buying a grand piano, ask the consultant what you should pay attention to. We are happy to think along with you. Once the grand piano is delivered, you can always ask the transporters for some extra tips or advice. Enjoy the purchase of your new grand piano!