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Do you want to enjoy a variety of musical genres? Do you wish to make music, compose and sing along with family and friends? The Yamaha Clavinova CVP-909GP is the flagship of the CVP-900 series. This model has a choice of more than 1.500 voices which can be combined with more than 500 different accompaniment styles. This model also offers interactive sheet music. You can even organize karaoke sessions with it. The Yamaha Clavinova CVP-909GP features the famous GrandTouch keyboard with wooden keys and counterweights and simulates the pedal action of a real grand piano. The combination of 7 powerful speakers results into a fenomenal sound experience!

General information

87 cm
142 cm
123 cm
130 kg

Technical specifications

Keyboard name
Wooden keyboard
Synthetic Ivory/Ebony
Let off
(40W + 30W + 20W x 2) + 80W
Accompanying rhythms
Accompanying styles
General MIDI
Number of voices
1663 + 480 XG
Bluetooth audio
Bluetooth MIDI
Line out
Line in
USB to host
USB to device
MIDI in/out
Smart Pianist
Number of pedals

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Sing, compose and explore the unlimited possibilities of the CVP series

The CVP series pianos offer a lot of instrumental sounds (such as saxophones, guitars, strings, wind instruments,....) as well as accompaniment styles in a wide range of genres, including pop, jazz and classical. Thanks to Super Articulation technology, the details of each instrument are reproduced very accurately.

Pianos in the Yamaha Clavinova CVP Series are ideal for people who want to sing, compose and satisfy their hunger to enjoy music in new ways. Plug in a microphone and sing - Yamaha Clavinova CVP series pianos provide harmonic accompaniment.

Play to your favorite music and adjust the pitch or tempo to suit your playing needs, or even mute the lead voice. The built-in touchscreen lets you play from scores.The keys are indicated by Follow Lights that help you find your way.

Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial samples

The Yamaha Clavinova CVP-909GP features samples from the world-famous Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand pianos. Bösendorfer is a famous Viennese piano manufacturer, founded in 1828, which has become owned by Yamaha. The Yamaha CFX is characterized by a clear and expressive sound, while the Bösendorfer Imperial has a more charming and warm timbre. All 88 keys have been very accurately sampled so that the harmonious nuances of the instruments are very much in evidence.

Virtual Resonance Modelling (VRM)

Thanks to Yamaha's groundbreaking Virtual Resonance Modelling technology, the sound and resonance of a real grand piano is uniquely recreated. This takes into account all the interactions that take place within the instrument such as the vibration of the strings, the sound box the soundboard, sounds from dampers and pedals.

Binaural sampling - Realistic sound experience through headphones

Through Yamaha's Binaural Sampling technology, the sound of the piano is sampled using specialized microphones attached to the pianist's ear. As a result, all the nuances discerned by the human ear are captured. Thanks to this technology, a three-dimensional sound is produced, and it seems as if the sound is actually coming from the piano cabinet, when you play with headphones. Binaural Sampling thus ensures an optimal musical experience when using headphones.

GrandTouch keyboard with linearly graduated weighted keys

Thanks to the Grand Touch keyboard with wooden keys, you can enjoy a very authentic and realistic playing feel. The white and black keys feature synthetic ivory and ebony and therefore have a strong absorbing effect, reducing the chance of playing mistakes. The keyboard is equipped with an escapement (let-off) mechanism, as in a real acoustic piano. The GrandTouch keyboard also has longer keys and gives the pianist more leverage, for better dynamic control. Each individual key of the CVP-909GP's keyboard is linearly graduated weighted, amazingly mimicking the playing feel of a real grand piano.  The CVP-909GP also features key counterweights (not available in the lower models), which allow the keys to return to their positions more quickly. This allows for better control and playability, including when playing pianissimo with a light touch.

Damper pedal with grand piano response

The CVP-909GP features a damper pedal that continuously detects the depth of compression and allows for semi-pedal function. The damper pedal with wing response offers the resistance curve of a wing: light at the beginning and heavier as the pedal is pressed further. This allows you to put the same nuances into your piano playing as you would with a real grand piano.

Bluetooth Audio

The Yamaha Clavinova CVP-909GP can be connected wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet via its Bluetooth Audio feature. This way you can play along with your favorite songs yourself, improve your piano skills through online tutorials and even use the piano as a home entertainment audio system.

Smart Pianist app

The Smart Pianist app can be downloaded for free for use on tablets and smartphones. The app offers a user-friendly, graphical interface and many additional features for smooth use of your Yamaha Clavinova.

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