Why choose a second-hand piano?

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A new acoustic piano is never a wrong choice. Nevertheless, some prefer a second-hand instrument. A second-hand piano can be a good solution, if purchased with the necessary guarantees and chosen for the right reason.

Circle of life

The right reason

Some choose second-hand because their budget is limited, and they prefer not to make the switch to a digital piano. There are a lot of good second-hand study instruments available, for a budget of less than EUR 3000. Young second-hand instruments are often a lot cheaper than the new model.

Others choose second-hand because they have fallen in love with a specific instrument. Each second-hand instrument has a unique character and timbre, and often too a unique piece of furniture.

Finally, with a second-hand instrument you give a second life to a sustainable product, made with natural materials such as wood and felt. By choosing second-hand, you contribute to the circular economy and the preservation of our planet. Read more on our blog 'Why we plant a tree for every piano sold'.




Private or Pianos Maene?

There are a lot of instruments for sale on the private market and it is often difficult to assess their origin, maintenance and technical condition. At Pianos Maene, you can be confident that you are making a good choice.

After all, all second-hand instruments are very thoroughly selected and overhauled in terms of furniture and mechanics. The Chris Maene workshop already has over 85 years of experience in building and restoring instruments. This knowledge is fully utilised and shared with all technicians when preparing the second-hand instruments.

We therefore guarantee a high-quality second-hand range and offer a 10-year warranty on all second-hand instruments (starting from €3.000). Moreover, just like for our new pianos, these instruments include a complete service package: the instrument is delivered to the ground floor free of charge, you receive a free tuning and a height-adjustable piano bench.


How do we prepare your second-hand piano?

  1. Selection: Pianos Maene actively searches for quality second-hand instruments in various price segments. These instruments are carefully selected and subjected to a thorough expertise by experienced technicians. Only instruments that pass this test are considered for takeover.
  2. Mechanics overhaul: Our technicians, who have received specialised in-house training, will adjust the keyboard, pedals and action for a smooth touch. The hammerheads will be reshaped and voiced to restore or even improve the instrument's authentic timbre as much as possible.
  3. Furniture overhaul: The piano's furniture is taken care of by the polishing and spraying department. Polishing instruments in high-gloss finish makes them completely scratch-free. Instruments in satin finish are restored to like-new condition to the extent possible. Finally, pedals and other hardware are also thoroughly polished. The result is amazing: the difference from a new instrument is barely discernible!
  4. Final inspection by experienced pianists: Each instrument that has fully gone through the preparation process is thoroughly tested and inspected musically and technically by an expert piano consultant and product manager. Only after positive evaluation, the second-hand piano is set up in one of our showrooms.
Doutreligne Concerto

Which instrument do you choose?

Pianos Maene chooses to include only quality brands in its second-hand range. We focus on the better instruments by Yamaha and Kawai, the German brands Sauter, Schimmel, Grotrian-Steinweg or Seiler, and this in different ages and price ranges. We also offer a premium selection, with brands such as Steinway & Sons, Bösendorfer and Bechstein. As the exclusive importer of Steinway & Sons in Belgium and the Netherlands, our workshop specialises in restoring Steinway instruments. Restorations are done with original Steinway parts, entirely in our workshops in Ruiselede. This is the only way to guarantee the authenticity of the Steinway instruments.

On our website you will find the complete overview of all our second-hand instruments, both acoustic and digital. It is definitely recommended to come and see and test the instruments in our showrooms first, before making a final choice!