Chris Maene & Koning Filip

Passion & focus

Pianos are our speciality. We have nothing to do with drums, guitars or other instruments, but we know everything about pianos. Acoustic, digital and everything in between.

We have more than 80 years of experience with acoustic pianos and more than 30 years with digital pianos, and we are happy to assist you in your search for the perfect piano! Besides being a piano dealer, we are also piano builders: in our Atelier Chris Maene we finish our own Doutreligne instruments and build everything from harpsichords to concert pianos.

We only have the best brands in our range: Reference brands that have literally "set the tone" for decades: such as Steinway & Sons, Boston, Essex, Doutreligne, Yamaha, Roland, Kawai and Nord. From these brands we have almost the entire range ready to play in our showrooms: from the most affordable entry-level model to the top grand pianos! So you can try everything in peace. For our digital instruments we also provide a free training for all our customers; our "Maene Digital Academy".

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Professional advice

You can find a lot of information about pianos online, but there's loads of confusing or misinformation available.
On our website, we offer a lot of information about our range of instruments, but also pianos in general.
You can easily compare prices and characteristics. But a piano is a musical instrument. We advise you to come and test and listen to your piano "in real life".

Come by and try the instruments without any obligation and let our advisors inform you as well. They are not only experienced pianists, they also have a thorough knowledge of all models (acoustic and digital), so that they can think along with you about the best suitable instrument within your budget.

Repairing a digital piano

Top service, both for acoustic and digital instruments

Your musical piano journey only begins when the instrument is delivered. Service and maintenance is therefore crucial after purchase of any piano or grand piano, acoustic or digital, new or second-hand. As an extra service we keep a pro-active service plan for each customer. You will automatically receive an e-mail reminder when it is time to have your instrument retuned. To tune your piano, you can quickly and easily make an appointment online.

Our service department not only has dozens of professional technicians for acoustic instruments, but also silent acoustic and digital instruments are kept in excellent condition and repaired by us. If you wish to repair a digital piano, you can fill out this form online. This allows us to guarantee a quick and smooth follow-up. 


Flexibility in choice and formulas

We offer several purchase and lease-purchase packages, so you can have your dream instrument in your home in a financially feasible way. Also ask about our unique Maene-Steinway financing.

Notwithstanding we provide the highest quality on the market, we also offer equally competitive prices on all instruments. Feel free to compare and be sure to contact us should you find yourself in a situation that contradicts this.

Do you have a question, an issue with an instrument or general request?

Our service staff will be happy to find an answer or solution. Speak to us!

You can contact Tine Mannaerts, our service manager, via 051 49 18 13 or You can also use our chat function at the bottom right of your screen!